100 Things About Me

1. My middle name is Ann.
2. I have one brother and one sister, both younger.
3. I canít blow bubbles with bubble gum.
4. But I can bend over with my feet together and knees straight and put my fists on the floor.
5. If I move my feet apart six inches or so, I can put my palms flat on the floor.
6. I currently have 53 pairs of shoes in my closet.
7. Ten out of 53 are red or have red on them.
8. Eight out of 53 have beads, sequins, or both.
9. I graduated from high school a year early.
10. I was valedictorian.
11. For years after graduating, I had nightmares that school officials told me I didnít graduate after all. It was always because they told me I didnít actually pass math.
12. I graduated college Magna Cum Laude.
13. My degree is in art.
14. I was licensed to teach art in public schools, but Iíve let the license expire.
15. My thumbs are double-jointed. (Yes, I know thatís not accurate, but you know what I meanÖthey can move into odd positions)
16. I was eighteen before I could whistle.
17. But now I can whistle complex tunes, from Beethoven to the Beatles.
18. As a child, I walked, talked, laughed, and cried in my sleep, but I donít now. At least not often.
19. I donít know how to swim.
20. But Iíve been white water rafting.
21. Iíve been in 5 other countries, but I still donít have any stamps in my passport.
22. I really want a stamp in my passport!
23. One of my quilts has been to New Zealand, even though Iíve never been there myself.
24. My sun sign is Pisces.
25. My moon sign is Cancer.
26. My rising sign is Aquarius.
27. I believe in astrology, but not in those ďone size fits allĒ horoscopes in the newspapers.
28. Iíve been married to the same fabulous man since 1989.
29. I donít have children.
30. I donít regret not being a mom, but I regret that I wonít be a grandma because I think being a grandma would be fun.
31. My current fur-friend count is 4 nice dogs and 2 bizarre cats.
32. My first fur-friend was a cat named Tiger.
33. My first boyfriend was named Jimmy. We were both 5 years old.
34. Iíve been keeping a list of the books I've read since 1983.
35. In that time, the smallest number of books Iíve read in a year was 40.
36. The largest number of books Iíve read in a year was 107.
37. I believe in reincarnation.
38. I believe in one former life I was a blind woman, living in Italy somewhere near the sea.
39. I believe in at least one former life I drowned.
40. I believe in at least one former life I died by either strangulation or hanging.
41. Both sets of my grandparents eloped when they got married.
42. I think they were smart. If I had it to do over again, I would elope.
43. I donít have a favorite color. I love too many too choose.
44. But my least-favorite color is grey. Or gray. No matter how you spell it, I find it depressing, but sometimes useful.
45. When I was a child, I saw and spoke with my Great-Grandma Elliott after she died.
46. I no longer see dead people, but I sometimes sense them.
47. I liked the movie ďThe Sixth Sense."
48. I figured out that Bruce Willis was dead before the end of the movie.
49. Iím good at solving twisty logic problems.
50. But I hate straightforward math.
51. Iím good at tongue twisters.
52. I donít own a white bra.
53. I have long, complicated, vivid dreams nearly every night.
54. Sometimes things I dream about come true.
55. My mom (who died in 2001) and dad (alive & happily retired) were both school teachers.
56. In seventh grade, Mom was one of my teachers. She was tough.
57. I have naturally curly hair.
58. But it isnít naturally red.
59. I have one ear pierced once and the other ear pierced twice.
60. I look a lot like my Great-Grandma Blevins.
61. I have good cheekbones and Iím a bit vain about them.
62. But my face is so round that they arenít as noticeable as I wish they were.
63. I collect Tarot cards because I love the artwork.
64. Iíve designed some Tarot cards of my own, but not a full deckÖyet.
65. I designed our current house.
66. I collect colored-glass vases.
67. Like Scout from ďTo Kill a MockingbirdĒ, I donít remember ever not knowing how to read. (Accoring to my parents I actually started to read when I was three years old.)
68. Iíve been in 24 US states so far.
69. I hope to visit all 50 US states before I die.
70. Iím a bad house-cleaner and donít intend to change that about myself because I think anything more than the minimum required for health is a waste of time and effort.
71. But Iím very organized. If you want to know which dust bunny to shove aside to find something, I can tell you.
72. When I was a little girl, I thought the floating head in the ďWizard of OzĒ movie was what thunder looked like.
73. No matter how much I grieve for someone, I almost never cry at funerals.
74. I sometimes wish I could cry at funerals.
75. I love cards, games, and puzzles.
76. I dislike most sports.
77. I love to dance.
78. I love to sing.
79. In fact, Iíd rather sing to myself than listen to the radio. I only listen to the radio to learn new songs to sing.
80. I love fragrant flowers.
81. But I dislike perfume, scented candles and most other artificially scented products.
82. My favorite color for flowers is yellow, closely followed by pink.
83. If I really enjoy a book, Iíll read it more than once. I've read a few old favorits a dozen times.
84. Weather permitting, I love to sleep outside under the stars --- no tent.
85. Iím allergic to bananas and wool.
86. But Iíve never had poison ivy (knock wood).
87. I believe in God (or Goddess....I don't think gender is the point) and consider myself a spiritual person.
88. But I believe a personís spirituality is a private thing, so I don't participate in organized religion.
89. I go for a walk nearly every day.
90. I dislike cabbage in any form --- raw, cooked, pickled, whatever.
91. If my figure, blood sugar, and cholesterol could stand it, Iíd eat dessert seven days a week.
92. I was a Girl Scout.
93. I earned every badge available at the time, except for two, both of which involved swimming.
94. I love to win.
95. But I hate to see others lose.
96. I love movies.
97. I love looking for treasures among other peopleís discards at flea markets, antique shops, junk stores, or yard sales.
98. I am moody, over-sensitive, obsessive, controlling, selfish, arrogant, stubborn, lazy, and self-indulgent.
99. I am also kind, smart, funny, imaginative, empathetic, practical, creative, loving, conscientious, and optimistic.
100. No matter how much I like talking about myself --- and I DO! --- I found it harder than I expected it to be to come up with 100 things to say about myself.

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