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Cybersurfing at Sea

Here I am, on the Rhapsody of the Seas, sailing between Galveston and Key West and burning 10 minutes online because I have a ‘net coupon.
Yesterday was a good start to the trip except for the part where I came >>this

Off and Runnin’ (Flying? Cruising? Whatever!)

Gonna make this quick, as I head to bed and TRY to sleep. Not gonna hold my breath, but I’ll try. In the morning J and I will be dragging our asses out of bed pre-dawn and heading for the airport. I’m sure I’ll have lots and LOTS to tell you in a week or […]

Girly Nails

Only two more sleeps until I head for blue skies, blue water, and people catering to my every whim. Yeah, baby!
Seeing as it’s after midnight here in the land of ‘tucky, I should prolly be asleep already, but since I a) never sleep well before a trip and b) never sleep well for a few […]

“Shoes for Julie” on Artful Gift

Another of the Things I Do every morning when I’m drinking my coffee is to solve a couple of online jigsaw puzzles. One is the daily Jigzone puzzle. The other is the daily puzzle at Artful Gift. As you might guess from the name, Janice Williams post puzzles featuring artwork on her site. And something […]

The Philosophy of Packing

I can’t be the only person in the world who has noticed the difference in both contents and method when men and women pack for a trip. Do you suppose it’s because of the differences in male and female fashions or is because of the differences in personality? Or both?
I suppose to avoid very un-PC […]

Warning: Art-Related Post Below

Just didn’t want anyone to stop by expecting to read about shoes or purses and be shocked into a fainting spell at the sight of an actual art-related post.
Today I accomplished something besides packing and wasting time. Yay! Believe me, no one is more surprised by this than I am. Cruise Brain doesn’t leave a […]

Another One Bites the Dust

I bought a purse yesterday. Yay! Right? Um, no. I’m returning it today or tomorrow, depending on when I next get my ass to town.
It’s very pretty. It’s Apple Green, very stylish. The problem? Too damn SMALL!! AGAIN!! And this time I don’t have the excuse of having ordered it online and not visualizing the […]

My Utopia: The DTTM

Since my friend Dara is one of the main people who sucked me into this whole blogging thing, it seems only right that something she did should inspire an entry, no? Yes!
Dara has been working on some small quilts for a challenge with the theme “What’s Your Utopia?”. As I was lying in bed this […]