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Inner Age and Colors of Spring

Oh yeah, and a smidge about the new quilt too…
Today is my dad’s 66th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!!
Inside his head, he’s younger than I am. We discovered that a couple of years ago, when we were talking about “inner age” compared to chronological age. You know….how old would you guess you were, based on how […]

Books, Spam, and Quilt Progress

Let’s take these in reverse order from the subject line, just ’cause I’m wacky that way.
Quilt Progress
I finished the background for all the blocks on the sun quilt today. Yay!! I think I’m happy with the flow of the background pieces, although I may play around with them a bit more before I commit […]

Purist Hatbox?

This just in on Yahoo’s Strange News, from Sheboygan, WI (where I lived for a while, years ago!): “Tankless Toilet Makes A Fashion Statement”. Well. Alrighty then.
First of all I have to wonder, do I WANT my toilet to make a fashion statement? I have a hard enough time making my SHOES make a fashion […]

Background Noise

I’ve been doing some more work on the spiral sun quilt and decided instead of finishing a block or two at a time (which involves switching back and forth between piles of cool-colored fabric and piles of warm-colored fabric), to sew all my backgrounds and then sew the pieces for the suns. It really should […]

Movie Magic

I was SO not in the mood to work on the sun quilt thang today. Perhaps I should’ve buckled down and worked on it anyway, but I didn’t. I played hooky and took myself to the movies.
I love movies. I love to cuddle up on my favorite corner of the couch, with a cup of […]

The Interview Game

Here’s a fun thing that is currently making the blogging rounds. I heard about it from Dara, who got it from Suzanne. I’ll tell you the rules at the end, in case you want to play. Here are the Interview Questions Dara asked me. I think she came up with some hard ones!
1. What is […]

The “I Get Tired of Thinking of Post Titles” Update

Up to a grand total of five blocks done so far. Yeah, baby! I did a little better today at quieting my “but I want to see how it looks when it’s finished” voice (which is very whiny and annoying, BTW), and trying to enjoy the process more.
I usually am a little more of an […]

Another Progress Report

I sewed today. I swear I did. But this thing is going MUCH slower than I anticipated. For some reason I thought the fact that these blocks are very free-hand—no pattern except in my head—would make them flow from my brain to my hands to fabric reality more quickly and easily. Um…no. SLOW progress. So […]