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Thinking About The Impossible Crush

Joshilyn Jackson, of Faster than Kudzu, did a guest blog spot recently (on The Boyfriend List blog) called the Gradeschool Impossible Crush Boyfriend List. As with most of Joss’s writing, it was hilarious. It got me thinking about my Gradeschool Impossible Crushes. Who were they?
I’m told that when I was very small (pre-grade school, more […]

It’s Just Another FotoFriday

I walked in the rain after supper yesterday and took my camera along. I have an Olympus Stylus, which is water-resistant. I love that feature. The rain had actually slowed to a drizzle by the time I took the first photo, but it was overcast and late in the day, and I think the […]

My Inner European

Those of you who have been reading RSR for a while know by now how much I love silly quizzes. This is one I discovered last night when I should have been sleeping.

Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful, you show the world what culture really is.

Who’s Your
Inner European?

Ok, is anyone at all surprised by […]

Factoid Follow-Up

I want to thank those who post comments to my posts. I love to hear your thoughts! Some of the comments about the Factoid Quiz have prompted this follow-up post. So here are my thoughts on:
The Amazing Race
I’m rooting for Joyce and Uchenna. Any woman who would shave her head just for the chance to […]

Doesn’t Take Much To Make Me Happy

I’ve been managing to post to ye olde blogge the past few days by a combination of determination and luck, so you probably haven’t known, but I’ve been having horrid server problems for days now. This is not good. We internet addicts are not happy when we cannot get our fix!
But today we had a […]

A Quiz: “Factoids About Me”

I’ve really got nothing too exciting to report today, plus I have loads to do, so I’m going to share a little Factoids About Me quiz that Julie emailed to me yesterday. (That’s just my name for it. It didn’t seem to already have a name and I felt bad for it, so I gave […]

In The Beginning

PirateSusie asked (regarding the Sun quilt) “How did you come up with this idea?”
Well, Susie, it was born in a phone sketch doodle. I’m not much of a phone talker, but when I do, I nearly always grab a pen and whatever scrap paper is handy and I draw things. For some reason, one day […]

The Top, She Is Done! (complete with design ramblings)

Bright Sun top finished!! Yeah, baby!!
Well, are those of you who rooted for the gradated strips pleased? I love how it turned out. When I saw that particular mock-up, badly drawn as it was, it clicked in my head. The little quilt voice said “that’s it”.
In case anyone is confused, the above pic is the […]