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Bruises, Shoeses, and Other Newses

Thank you, everyone, for all the “poor babies” and encouraging words! My arms still look rather hideous today, but are much less sore. As a reward for putting up with all that yesterday, I’ve made a lunch date with my sister for today and she’s even managing to take a long enough lunch that we […]

Big Ol’ GrumpyHead

We are not having a good day. (We being me, myself, and I.) Long-time readers of RSR may remember I was scheduled to have some bloodwork done last month, about the same time I had my mammogram. But I ended up rescheduling and went today instead. I was supposed to have blood drawn for a […]

Comments on Comments

Regarding yesterday’s post, Gerrie wrote: “You could post a picture and let us help you decide!”
But no. As I told Gerrie in an email, I’m just really so heartily sick of looking at that stupid quilt that I don’t want to deal with it right now even if y’all had some great ideas. I’m beyond […]

Movin’ On

Despite the Julie-inspired shoe-buying interlude, I’ve spent big chunks of the past few days fusing frowsy pastel flowers onto that stupid pastel quilt. Why? Because it was there. Because I didn’t have a concrete idea of what else I want to do next art-wise. Because the fusible was already on the floral fabric and I […]

Studio View and Linky Stuff

Yesterday, Julie posted a photo of the view out her studio window and asked the question, “What does yours look like? I’d be interested to see what other art quilters are staring at while they muse on their work.”.
Good question, Julie! So here we go….
I have two windows in my studio, but one is over […]

Because You Know I Can’t Resist A Quiz

I’ve seen this on a few blogs in the past couple of days, but the first place I saw it was on Jenny’s blog

You scored as Cultural Creative. Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to enter this realm. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels […]

Five Foto Friday

It’s been a few weeks since I did a Foto Friday, so last night I took the camera for a walk and here is the result.
First of all, since it has been at LEAST a week since I’ve posted a picture of any of my flowers (snort!) here is the shade bed at the edge […]

Review Revisited

Back in May I wrote a review of a book I’d just finished reading called “Dies The Fire”. People who have been reading RSR for a while may remember it was the post where I ranted about what I call “Hidden Trilogy Syndrome”. (Although I liked the book!)
This morning I got a comment from the […]