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Which Classic Dame?

One thing I forgot to mention when I was talking about my trip is that when I was at my friend Nancy’s house, before we headed on down to Nashville, we pulled up the AFI 100 Movie Meme post so she could take a look. I was betting to myself that she’d see way more […]

AQS Expo Photos and (snarky) Commentary

Where to start talking about the AQS Quilt Expo in Nashville?
Well, ok, first of all I’ll tell you that the one other time I went to this show was three years ago. I’d gotten a couple of things accepted into it and it was close enough that Nancy and I decided to pop down for […]

Oh I’ve Come From Alabama….

(…and it’s a bitch driving 8 hours with a banjo on your knee.)

It was a fun trip, but I’m also really glad to be home and to get to sleep in my very own bed tonight.
Tomorrow I’ll post some photos from the quilt show, but I haven’t gotten them all edited down to a manageable […]

On The Road Again and brief INXS commentary

(I can too be brief! Shut up!!)
The usual INXS spoiler warnings apply. If you didn’t watch last night and don’t want to know what happened, go away and come back later.
I’m getting ready to turn off the ‘puter and take off on a little road trip to Alabama, by way of Waynesburg, Kentucky, and […]

The AFI 100 Movie Meme

First Debra did it. Then Gabrielle did it. Then Teri did it. Did what? Went through the list of AFI’s Greatest American Movies and told what they had and hadn’t seen, with a little commentary.
So here’s my list. If it’s in bold I’ve seen it. If it’s in plain text I haven’t. If it’s in […]

The Museum of Bad Art

I have MavJeni to thank for this link:
The Museum of Bad Art
It had me literally laughing out loud. Be sure to take time to look at all three collections: portraiture, landscapes and “unseen forces”. I think that last category was my personal favorite but they’re all worth a look.
And be REALLY sure to read the […]

The Things You Notice When You Open Your Eyes

This is another one of those times when I am sewing, but I don’t want to share photos. I’m making a couple of postcards as “prizes” for a trivia question I threw out on an email list I manage, plus I’m making another one to send to someone as a sort of thank you. And […]

AQS Expo and Political Satire

AQS Nashville
So….anybody going to the AQS Expo in Nashville this weekend?
Anybody who isn’t going but has a quilt there?
I know Gerrie will have a quilt there in the Ultimate Guild Challenge section….anyone else?
A friend and I are going to visit another friend in Alabama this weekend (and will meet up with 2 more friends there […]