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Simple Still Life: Month the Second, Part the First

Here’s the current assignment, as laid out by SSL’s Fearless Leader, Debra:
Your first assignment is to take the picture of your of next Still Life Challenge. AND POST IT TO YOUR BLOG ON SEPTEMBER 30TH. Not earlier, and hopefully not much later.
The SUBJECT of round two: ONE ITEM (AND A SHADOW). Note, the shadow may […]

Mrs. Clean

Did you miss me yesterday?
I meant to blog, really I did, but I had such an unblogworthy day! I considered posting a quiz, but have decided my quiz addiction is getting a wee bit out of hand and I’m trying to cut back. Not stop, mind you. I enjoy the little buggers too much for […]

The Crow Girls

The group with whom I sometimes do collage swaps is currently doing a Halloween deck called “Mythical Metamorphosis”. I wasn’t going to do this one at first because a) I really didn’t have any ideas for it and b) I (more importantly) had several quilt deadlines looming.
Then a few days ago, Red put out a […]

Self-portrait Tuesday, Part two

Another Tuesday, another self-portrait, and this is the final week for the September theme of “Body Parts“.
This week was hard. I wanted to do something a bit arty and abstract and maybe darker (thematically, that is) than what I did last week. But you know what I discovered? I don’t really DO darkly arty. (Pause […]

How To Make A Fabric Postcard DebR Style

A few days ago, in comments, Elena said, “I’m so intrigued by the fabric postcards–can you shoot me an email about how you got started, maybe some resources if I was interested in doing something like that?”
Well, I started writing an email, but then decided it would be more fun to make a postcard and […]

Postcard Mania!

This arrived yesterday from Arlee:

“Dances With Fish In The Mountains”
Thanks Arlee, it’s wonderful!!
And since all the ones I sent have now arrived at their destinations, I’ll share some photos of my own. I based my postcard series on a quilt I finished recently, “Eyes of the Sun 2: Solar Flares“. I used leftover bits from […]

Well, I DO Like Apples

Hhmm….somewhat ironic, considering that I was licensed to teach art in the state of Kentucky before I let my certification expire.
Got this one from Diane over at Passages:

You scored 57% Do Gooder, 57% Drive, and 82% Intellect!

You are a smarty-pants and eager to share your knowledge with others,
while still open to absorbing […]

Of Shoes, and Shoes, and Shoes, and Music

LookyLooky at the two cards I got in the mail yesterday afternoon!
This one is from Adrienne:

“Gloria DeHaven Wearing Cowgirl Costume, 1954″
And this one is from Julie:

“Shoe Fetish Queen” by Robert Shields
Aren’t they great?? Thanks, guys!
The more I looked though, the more I thought the Shoe Fetish Queen really NEEDED red hair. Plus, I wouldn’t […]