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My Haunting

Debra shared a personal ghost story for Halloween, and since I’m never one to mind stealing, er, I mean borrowing a good idea, I’ll do the same.
I’ll skip ahead past my childhood, when I can remember having a cozy conversation with my great-grandma after she died. And I’ll skip the details about the many, many […]

Wanna Carve a Jack-o-lantern?

But don’t want the mess?
Then go carve a cyber-pumpkin!
Have fun!
Thanks to PirateJan for the link.

Halloween Horoscope

Halloween Horoscope for

You tend to go for traditional, if not a bit historical, Halloween themes.
Candied apples, pumpkins, and warm cider make you excited each year.
Costume suggestions: An evil sorceress or a renaissance pirate wench.
Signature Halloween candy: Candy corn

What’s Your Halloween Horoscope?
I’d agree with all of it except the candy corn thing. I think candy corn […]

Wild Turkey on the Rocks

Take a look at what J and I saw out the dining room window a few days ago.

What? Not sure what you’re supposed to be looking at?

How about now?
Oh, so you want to see them closer, eh?

There ya go.
And now you know why the locals call our place Gobbler Nob. (Or Gobbler Knob….whatever!)

Sweet Violets

I first saw this test on Debra’s blog and have since seen it on several others. Interesting that so many of us involved in fabric art turn out to be “Violet”. That was my answer too and I admit, I think it sounds a lot like me. Also, although I wouldn’t truly say I have […]

Dreams by the Fire

I’ve mentioned before that I collect Tarot decks and my particular favorites are limited edition artist-published decks. Well, I’ve really been very good lately and haven’t bought any for a while, but this week one I pre-ordered some time back finally arrived and it was SO worth the wait!
It’s the Full Moon Dreams Tarot, created […]

Simple Still Life: Month the Second, Part the Second

The Simple Still Life assignment for the month of October was as follows:
“The SUBJECT of round two: ONE ITEM (AND A SHADOW). Note, the shadow may belong to the item you are photographing, or so some other item out of the frame.
… we have four weeks to create something from our photos.
Once again.. it can […]

The Sun Comes Home

Monday afternoon I got “Eyes of the Sun” back from PIQF. Y’all remember “Eyes of the Sun”, right? But in case you don’t, here’s my friend Bev standing next to it at PIQF, as my Quilt Stunt Double.

I always read the accompanying judges’ comments from an exhibit. I know the judges don’t have a lot […]