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But What Would Miss Manners Say?

Since yesterday’s SPT post was about reading I suppose it’s only appropriate that today I mention a thing or two about a book I just finished last night.
The book is “Rituals of the Season” by Margaret Maron. It’s the latest in the Deborah Knott series of mysteries.
One of the things I like about this […]

Self-Portrait Tuesday: Deb as Reader

It’s the last week for the November theme of “exploration of identity”. This week I wanted to show my love of books. I don’t ever remember not knowing how to read and I don’t ever remember it not being a major part of my life.
When I Read
When I read, I slip outside myself.
The world-that-is […]

Meme: I can’t live without….

Here’s something I snagged from Caity’s blog:
“So, here’s an idea: post an image of the ONE (silly) thing you can’t live without. Tell us in 25 words or less why.”
I like it. Silly is something I do well.
I “can’t live without”…

My Frizz-Ease cream from John Frieda.
My hair is naturally a bit curly. […]

Hear Deb Talk. Talk, Deb, Talk!

Blame this on Elle, she started it!
Be nice now and pretend I sound sultry, ok?


Take a look at what my friend Sally Anne sent via email yesterday afternoon. She was inspired to get creative with one of my Simple Still Life photos and this is the result:

eXYLOration by Sally Anne Stephen
Isn’t that fun? Thanks Sally Anne!
Not much news from Gobbler Knob this morning. I did, in fact, […]

Comments on Comments: November

I’m going to take the lazy way out and post a general reply to comments from the past few days rather than typing similar things over and over again to individuals. That works, yes?
1. Thanks to everyone who liked my last Self-portrait Tuesday post! :::beam::: I confess I really liked that series too. I often […]

The Day After the Day After Thanksgiving

Normally I would have dished a little yesterday about how J and I spent Thanksgiving Day, but since I posted my simple still life results instead, I saved the turkey day stuff for today.
Our weather here in Kentucky was cold and very, very windy, but otherwise pretty nice. The weather gods spit a few snowflakes […]

Simple Still Life: Month the Third, Part the Second

I did my usual Phun with Photoshop dealie for this month’s assignment (one of these days I really should do something else, just to show I can!).
This post is very photo-intensive so I’ll extend my apologies to those on dial-up because it’ll probably take a while to load. If you want to see the pics […]