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Self-Portrait Tuesday: Personal History, Week 5

The Paper Trail
It used to be that all but the most wealthy or well-known of people might be born, live a full life, and die without leaving much more of a record of that life than a couple of lines in the family Bible, an entry in the local church baptismal records, and perhaps a […]

Bonus Art Thingy Photo!

Since my SPT entry today got me thinking about “trails”, I decided to post another train track photo. This is my favorite stretch of tracks, yet again, but this one is looking the opposite direction of the ones I posted previously and it was taken on a day when there was just a skiff of […]

Simple Still Life: Month the Fifth, Part the Second

Got it in before the end of the month - Yay me!
To refresh your memory, the theme this month was “2 alike, 3 different”. I started with two potential photos, but this is the one I ended up deciding to work with:

I originally thought I would do something fabric-y based on this photo and I […]


It’s Sunday and I’m feeling kind of slow and out of sorts this morning, so y’all are mostly getting a fluff post, but before we open the jar of MentalMarshmallowCreme, I wanted to say thank you for the ideas left in the comments yesterday.
As much as I’m fascinated by how rusty objects appear in photos, […]

Because I Don’t Already Have Enough To Do (Heh)

Inspired (as I so often am!) by Julie, I’ve started a second blog where I can “file” just the images from my Daily Art Thangs and have them all organized in one place without any other commentary or extra “stuff”. It’s called Red Shoe Ramblings: 365 Days of Art.
If you already read RSR, you won’t […]

Come Wander With Me (Someone Leave a Trail of Breadcrumbs, Ok?)

Vote for ME!
Remember a few days ago when I posted my photo of the thread and fabric “landscape” for the Photo Friday challenge “Pink”? Well each week they feature a half-dozen photos they consider “noteworthy” based on viewer vote. If you think this photo is “noteworthy”, then go to the Photo Friday website and […]

Comments on the Groovin’ Grovin’ Comments

First of all THANK YOU to all you who took the time to tell me you liked my “baby”.
It made me feel all warm-fuzzy-ish. And more importantly it makes me feel more motivated to do some more of the work instead of just doing my preferred winter activities. You remember those, right? The books, the […]

Quilt Content Ahead! Yeah, Baby!

Ok, y’all, I promised quilt content before the week was out and today is the day!
Remember when I posted the photos of the nearly square branch-and-vine thingy I found in the woods the other day? Well this is the quilt inspired by those photos:

“Grove III: Winter Glyph” (17″ x 15″)
piecing and raw-edge applique, some fused, […]