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In all the “excitement” of SPT Tuesday, I almost forgot to post my Daily Art Thang. But here it is.
This post (coincidentally an SPT post!) by Michelle at la vie en rose inspired me to make this series of fabric postcards. So I made this for Michelle as a thank-you.


Self-Portrait Tuesday: All of Me, Week 4

Finally, at long last we come to the final Tuesday in February - the final week of February’s SPT theme of “All of Me”, wherein we’re supposed to “embrace our mistakes, love the ugly bits”.
Frankly I don’t consider the mistake I’m about to embrace to be MY mistake exactly, it’s more like a mistake of […]

Simple Still Life: Month the Sixth, Part the Second

Guess what! My February Simple Still Life entry was due this past weekend and I forgot. Oopsie. Oh well, never mind, here it is, only a couple of days late and a few dollars short.
The theme for February was Red. I had, at one time, thought I might work in fabric or colored pencils […]

Photo Fun and a Bunch of Pointless Questions

I’ll post the Artwork du jour first so that those of you who don’t want to read the silly meme thingy can see the photos and skip it. I TOLD you there might not be anything any better here today than yesterday. Life’s just been like that lately. Heh.

Tall Grass

“Tall Grass 2″
On to the Pointless […]

Prongalicious Pictures

Ok, several people have said that they wanted to hear more about “Rent”, so I’m going to indulge myself in a nice long BLATHER about it in a bit later today, but I’ll do it in a separate post, so those who don’t want to read it can look at the pretty pictures and then […]

Rent-y Ramblings

All righty, is everyone all comfy-cozy and armed with their beverage of choice and ready to talk “Rent”? Good!
First of all, I’ve only seen the play once, but have seen the movie twice now, once in the theater and once at home on DVD. I love the stage version and was a bit apprehensive […]

Not-So-Random Thoughts

(I’m pretty sure I have some sort of theme going here if I wanted to take the time to figure out what it is.)
You know I find myself this morning still sort of wanting to talk about “Rent” and to delve into some of the artistic and creative decisions made by the director and why […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #7

1. In re-reading the PR entry I posted last night, I realize that Joanne is right - it sounds like I didn’t like the episode and that isn’t quite true. It had some good moments (for instance, I loved the cast members singing their various made-up songs about each other!), but I was disappointed that […]