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This, That, and the Other

Don’t forget, you have the rest of today to suggest possible ideas for next month’s self-portraits before I close comments for that post. If you have an idea, post it in the comments section here.
There are some GREAT ideas coming in. It’s going to be hard to choose. The one thing I will go ahead […]

Poetry Thursday: Favorite and Not-So-Favorite Words

This week for Poetry Thursday, I’m revisiting the prompt from last week, to write a poem based around words we love, or words we detest, or both.
I actually started working on something for that prompt last week, but didn’t get it finished by Thursday. However, the process got me thinking about how I work when […]

O is for…

Time for another WordPlay Personal Dictionary Entry! If you want to know more about how and why I started doing this series of posts, read my “A is for…” entry. If you want to see a list of more people doing the same thing, check out Laume’s WordPlay site. Now here we go…
O […]

Suggest a Theme! Win Big Prizes!

(Ok, the prizes wouldn’t really be big, but you’d have a shot at winning a small prize. That’s still kind of fun, yes?)
Here’s the deal - I mentioned earlier that the Self-Portrait Challenge theme for July sounded intriguing to me but I haven’t decided what I want to do with it. The theme for July […]

Self-Portrait Challenge: Pop Art, Week 4

It’s time for the final week of June’s Self-Portrait Challenge: Pop Art.
For this one, I was trying to transform the original photo into a fairly abstract look and come up with something reminiscent of a psychedelic poster.
A poster? Hhhmmm, not sure about that. But it’s pretty darn psychedelic!

“Psychedelic Heat Wave”
(clickable if you want to see […]

Just a Little Fib

I think the prompt over at One Deep Breath this week is SO cool! The challenge is to write a Fib - a variation on Haiku where the line and syllable count is based on the first few lines of the Fibonacci Sequence, a mathmatical sequence sometimes found in nature (nautilus shells, for instance) and […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #21

Casa Richardson Purge Update: Between the bedroom closet and the studio/library/’puter room I currently have 8 garbage bags in the back seat of my car, filled with clothing, fabric, and other Stuff that I’m giving away. Plus we’ve hauled out one bag of stuff to be used as shop rags and 6 bags of trash. […]

June Bliss List

It’s Bliss List time again!
Here are some things that have been making me feel Blissful in June:

A new floor and new paint colors in the studio/library/’puter room! Yay!!!
Fresh berries - Yum!
The scent of honeysuckle in the air
“Magnifico Mexico” nail polish on my toe nails
Roses in bloom
New shoes
Ditch lilies (wild orange daylilies) blooming all over the […]