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September Bliss List

It’s Bliss List time again!
Here are some things that have been making me feel Blissful in September:

My new camera!
That my friend Morven finally started a blog
“Water for Elephants” - one of the best books I’ve read this year
My new camera!!
Cooler, breezy days with bright blue skies, and nights cool enough to need a light jacket […]

Camera Love!

I’ve had a few people ask how I’m liking my new camera (a Panasonic DMC-FZ7, for anyone who missed the post about me buying it). So far I like it very much! I’m still going through a bit of a learning curve with it and there’s lots it can do I haven’t even started to […]

Poetry Thursday: Indelible Ink

Let’s see if Blogger will cooperate with me getting this posted. It wasn’t playing nicely at all before I went to bed last night. Hmph.
Today the prompt for Poetry Thursday is about synaesthesia. I think that’s great, as the topic fascinates me. Amber wrote a very cool post about a particular type of synaesthesia just […]

A Fugging in Kentucky

Sometimes I wish my cell phone included a camera. Most of the time I don’t, but sometimes…
Like yesterday, I wish I could’ve whipped out a phone and taken a photo to show you and then that would pretty much be the whole post. “A picture is worth…” and all that. But since I didn’t […]

SPC: With Someone, Week 4 - Morven

This is the last week for the September theme of “With Someone” for the Self-Portrait Challenge. The instructions are to “…include someone else in your self portrait. Someone meaningful to your life or to the moment or to a specific event that you wish to document.”
Today I want to introduce you to my friend Morven. […]

It’s Alive!

Hi y’all! Did you notice I was AWOL for a couple of days? I know at least a couple of you did because when I logged on just now I found a couple of emails asking where I was. (I’ll email you back soon!)
I’m fine, but my internet service was gone all weekend and half […]

Stuff you never knew you wanted to know

I first saw this meme on Jen’s blog and then shortly afterward, Julie sent it to me. So here’s a bunch of possibly interesting (but probably NOT!) stuff you never knew you wanted to know about me.
I enjoy answering these things and I enjoy reading others’ answers, so if you want to play along, […]

Poetry Thursday: a Letter

This is yet another week where I’m ignoring the prompt for Poetry Thursday and just posting a poem that spoke to me instead.
When I ran across the poem I’m sharing today, it reminded me just a little of one of the first things I ever posted for PT, an odd little poem called “Eve and […]