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SPC: Imperfection, Week 5 - Goofball

Do my eyes deceive me? After a month that has lasted approximately 11,847 days, can it truly be the LAST Tuesday in October?? It is, it really IS! And that means it’s the last week of October’s Self-Portrait Challenge theme of Imperfection. Yay!
So, what one last horrid flaw should I share during this Paean to […]

October Bliss List

It’s Bliss List time again!
Here are some things that have been making me feel Blissful in October:

The colors of autumn leaves
New shoes that fit like comfy old friends from the first time I tried them on
Getting to see my niece and nephew on their Homecoming weekend
Flannel sheets (cozy!)
My new camera! (I know I went on […]

Of Stats, and OPBP*, and Quizzes, and Stuff

(*OPBP = Other People’s Blog Posts)
I’ve had several people ask how I found the keywords people used to find my blog - the ones I talked about in this post. I answered in the comments for that post, but because I know a lot of people don’t go back and read the comments (or never […]

A List of Firsts

If it’s Saturday, it must be MemeDay. I got this one from Bee.
1. Who was your first love?
His name was Jimmy and we were both 5 years old. We would say “I love you” to each other and steal kisses on the merry-go-round at kindergarten recess. He told me we were going to get married […]

You Found Me HOW?

I know lots of bloggers have written posts about keyword searches that lead people to their blogs, but I never have - until today. Most of the time I don’t even think to check to see how people got here! But today, inspired by a recent post by Dragonfly, I decided to take a look […]

Poetry Thursday: a Poem for an October Night

Rather than following the prompt for Poetry Thursday, I decided to post a poem that I ran across a few months ago and liked. I remember thinking at the time that it didn’t feel right to post it then. It felt like an autumn sort of poem. So I’m going to share a portion of […]

So “Bird Brain” may not be an Insult!

If you could magically transform yourself into an animal for an hour or so - a once in a lifetime thing just to see how that animal experiences the world - would you do it?
I’ve always thought I’d want to try being a bird and be able to soar above the earth to see how […]

SPC: Imperfection, Week 4 - Too White (and a little clumsy)

Another week, another flaw. That’s the story of the Self-Portrait Challenge in October.
So what’s the flaw I’m sharing this week? I’m white. Oh, I’m not white like snow, or styrofoam cups, or albino bunnies. But I’m way toward the pale end of that peachy-beige sort of color commonly known as “white” when used to describe […]