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Poetry Thursday - Ugly Things (A Song)

I like the prompt at Poetry Thursday this week, but it simply hasn’t been a week where I could put the time and thought into writing something original for it, so I’ll hope to revisit it another time. Meanwhile, I’m going to keep this short today (Hey! You in the back - stop laughing!) and […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #33

I’m not sure that post title is quite what it should be, because this one includes a lot of Linky Love, which is kind of like showing you Stuff pulled from Other People’s Drawers. (Wow, that just sounded very, very wrong.)
My Drawer: Don’t forget you have five more days to write a fun little story […]

SPC: Glam, Week 4 - Movie Poster

Here we are at the final week of November’s Glam Self-Portrait Challenge.
All month I’ve been taking my inspiration from classic Hollywood glamor shots. For this final week I decided to veer a little sideways from that and turn my final self-portrait into a faux movie poster. I got the idea from the lovely Angela, who […]

Write Something and Win Some Deb aRt (and other possibly-almost-fabulous prizes)!!!

(Contains minor Quilt Content - GASP!)
The past couple of days, I’ve been working on making a few fabric postcards. The quilters who visit here will know exactly what I mean. Non-quilters may or may not. They’re little artsy things you send through the mail just like a regular paper postcard, but they’re made of fabric […]

A Friday Thing on Sunday

Every week I check to see what’s posted over a the Friday Five site, even though I don’t usually participate. But a couple of weeks ago they had one I thought would make a pretty interesting meme so I saved it and today feels like a good day to share it. So here we go…
On […]

A Review of a Movie, a Bond Movie (no spoilers)

I hadn’t mentioned it before now, what with all the Thanksgiving Stuff going on, but this past Tuesday J and I played hooky from Real Life and went to see the latest Bond movie, Casino Royale.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially since I was one of many people who wasn’t so thrilled with […]

Thoughts from the Hide-out

Here I am, home again after spending a lovely day at my sister’s house yesterday. There were eight people, one dog, a lot of good food and drinks, and a lot of talking and laughter.
I took my camera with me and thought maybe I’d share a couple of photos today, but once I got there […]

The Giving of the Thanks

It’s after midnight as I’m posting this, so it’s now officially Thanksgiving Day in the US.
It may not be original to list things you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving, but I still like the idea. After all, what’s not to like about a holiday that’s about being grateful for the blessings in your life and spending […]