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CAC, Getting to Know You - Week 5

This is my final day for hosting the Getting to Know You feature over at Create a Connection and I’ve had a really good time doing it. I hope the rest of you have had fun with it too. I still plan to participate in this feature next month, but will most likely post my […]

SPC: Resolutions, Week 5

It’s the final week of Resolution Month for the Self-Portrait Challenge, where I allowed my resolutions to be chosen for me by computer at this site, since I don’t usually make resolutions.
Here’s the score so far: I didn’t like the first assigned resolution to get a pet parrot, and the second resolution to eat more […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #40

Looks like I might be pulling several photos out of the junk drawer today. Let’s see….
1. Last week was a Good Mail week, and y’all know how much I love Good Mail, so I want to share some photos with you. One surprise package contained this necklace from a lovely friend I haven’t met yet:

…while […]

Comments on Comments Again (I may need to turn this into a category!)

Want to know what I realized yesterday? (Yes, Deb, tell us!) I realized it’s been almost a week since I responded to comments. Gaaah! A week, y’all! I suck at keeping up with that lately.
I’d like to swear I’ll do better in the future, but I’m not going to promise that because I might not […]

Obsession: It’s not just a perfume

My brain hurts and it’s entirely and without question my own fault. Remember last week I mentioned the cruise idea? (I should link to that post, but I don’t feel like messing with it.)
Well, a nice and lovely person who reads RSR is also a travel agent who specializes in cruises (yay!) and she’s has […]

Get out your magnifying glass and your deerstalker cap…

…because it’s time to snoop! (That IS what those weird, double-billed, Sherlock Holmes hats are called, right? A deerstalker cap? Or am I having a total brain fart? But I digress. And since we’re only on the first paragraph, that’s probably not a good sign.)
Last Saturday, on the Create a Connection blog, Jamie gave us […]

Why do I love poetry?

That’s the question being asked of participants over at Poetry Thursday this week. I almost didn’t answer. In fact at one point I thought “Oh, I’m not even going to really post today. I’ll post my Daily Art Thang, with maybe a little drive-thru McBlogging and try to do better tomorrow.”
Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong. […]

CAC, Getting to Know You - Week 4

It’s time for yet another week of “getting to know you” questions via the Create a Connection blog. If you find these questions interesting, I hope you’ll play along too and let me know, both here in comments and on the CaC site, so I can go read your answers!
Here are the instructions:
Imagine you’ve made […]