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Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #48

1.Today is my Dad’s birthday. Yay!! Happy Birthday, Dad. I hope Merle is baking you a cake. Actually, I hope she’s baking a pie because you’d probably like that even better. Have a great day. I love you!
2. I know some of you have been having trouble accessing my blog the past few […]

Of Quilts and Random Questions

Warning: You might want to sit down because there’s a little dab of quilt content ahead. (gasp!) Yep, that’s right, I haven’t entirely forgotten how to find and work my sewing machine. I’ve only partly forgotten. Heh.
A while back I agreed to do a commission piece for someone who had seen my shoe quilts online […]

Poetry Thursday: Image Inspiration 2 - Go Inside

This week the prompt at the Poetry Thursday site is similar to last week’s prompt - to write a poem inspired by an image. But this week we were asked to take it a step further and to go into the image and describe it as if we were there…as if we were the model […]

In Which I Share Some Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Remember when I shared the link to the arranged-by-color bookshelves? No, don’t worry, I resisted the urge to change my books, but I did rearrange two little shelves of CDs.

J came in while I was doing it and pretty much thought I was nuts and he was probably right, but I told him that I […]

SPC: Digital Imaging, Week 4

It’s the final Tuesday in March, which means the final week of the theme of online manipulation tools over at the Self-Portrait Challenge site.
For this last Tool Time entry, I decided to combine two different tools to see how nicely they played together. First I took a sort of fuzzy, sullen-looking, generally crappy photo of […]

Psssst…Hey, Book Voyeurs, Wanna See my Shelves?

It all started with an innocent comment on Joshilyn Jackson’s blog. Joss showed a photo of a lamp. What she didn’t think about was that the photo also showed a corner of one of her bookshelves. Someone - I won’t name names, but it may have rhymed with Reb Dichardson - then whined commented that […]

It’s All About the Pictures

It’s suddenly, gloriously Spring around here and I want to get out and enjoy it instead of sitting here typing, so I’m mostly sharing some photos today.
Check out the latest jigsaw puzzle J and I put together:

Isn’t that pretty? I kind of want one of these in my back yard…right after I become fabulously wealthy […]

CAC, Getting to Know You Wednesday and Photo Thursday on Saturday

(That pretty much takes care of half a week or so, yes?)
Over at Create a Connection this past week, Swamp Grrl was the host for Photo Thursday and she asked us to post a photo of ourselves at sitting at the computer. All righty then, I’ll play.
I snapped this a couple of days ago - […]