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Poetry Thursday: Something to Talk About

Last week (when I didn’t participate) the theme for Poetry Thursday was “conversations.” I think that’s a cool idea and at some point may write something original for it, but the stuff percolating through my brain hasn’t gelled into a usable idea just yet.
However, there’s a poem I like a lot that I think fits […]

MustGoes #2

**Remember a few days ago I told you about the contest over at Faster than Kudzu? Well it’s done now and I won a prize in the Photoshopped category! Yay!!
Here is my winning entry and Here is another of mine that got an honorable mention. I also entered This One and This One.
**What the hell […]

SPC: Street Photogrpahy, Week 5

It’s the final week of the Street Photography theme for the Self-Portrait Challenge and I feel like I’m going out with a whimper instead of a bang, but oh well. We do what we can and, while I did the best I could with this particular theme, it was definitely a difficult one for me.
The […]

Went to a Garden Party…

Ok, I didn’t really go to a garden party. I mean I HAVE been to garden parties in the past. I was, in fact, president of the Garden Club one year in the last town I lived in, although I wasn’t the most popular of presidents because I had this wacky idea that the garden […]

TV, Movies, and Books

No spoilers (because of TiVo and varying schedules in other countries), but now that the main TV season has wound down here in the US and we’re into repeats (aka DVD Rental Season), what did you think of the season finales of your favorite shows this year?
**I was happy with the outcome of American Idol, […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #55

1. Because of the photos I posted yesterday, Darlene and Bee both asked about Tim Tams. It’s a cookie - a very tasty one! It’s two chocolate wafers with chocolate filling, dipped in more chocolate. I triple yummy sort of thing.
Here’s a link to some info that includes a photo. (Thanks to JC […]


Thank you so much to everyone who said prayers and sent good wishes toward my family yesterday.
Dad called yesterday afternoon and Merle’s surgery went well. They were able to do the lumpectomy as hoped/planned rather than anything more radical and she was able to come home late the same day. Now, aside from the surgery […]

Family Stuff

I’m going to skip Poetry Thursday this week, even though I really like the prompt and would like to tackle it another week.
Instead I’d like to ask those of you who are so inclined to send some good thoughts toward my family. I mentioned nearly a month ago that Merle (my stepmother) was having some […]