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At Least I Still Make Really Good Cornbread

Update on the website thingy: Still in progress, still frustrating, but the help desk people at the new host are working with me to try to make it all better. My actual website - - works fine. If that had been all I was transferring to a new host, it would’ve been over and […]

Someone Please Pass the Strapping Tape

The Good News: I got the notice that my domain has been successfully transferred from one host to another.
The Bad News: That - sadly! - does not mean that my fairy godmother waved a magic wand, said a few “abracanoodles” and “bibbitybobbitybumpkins” and transferred my website and blog(s) in one whole and perfect piece to […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #59

1. I’ve decided to try switching my website (and yes, that includes this blog) to a new host. Hopefully - if all goes well- it will be a lovely, smooth, and seamless transition and you’ll never even notice a difference. But if by some chance my blog disappears for a few hours (or - heaven […]

SPC: Environment, Week 4

It’s the final Tuesday in June (yoiks!…can you believe it’s almost July already??). That means it’s the final week of the Environment theme for the Self-Portrait Challenge.
I took the photo I’m going to share last Monday - just over a week ago. And then what did I see last Tuesday? At least three other people […]

Dream On (and look back)

Do any of you keep a dream journal? I like the idea of it, and even keep a notebook and pen on my bedside table, but my follow-through kind of sucks rocks.
Partly it’s because when J is home he nearly always gets out of bed before I do and I wake up when he comes […]

And the answer is…

Here’s something I saw on Janet’s blog and decided to try. I should probably apologize for meme-ing y’all to death, but hey….it’s the weekend, my brain is tired, and I like memes. I really do. So…
This is your basic finish-the-sentence sort of dealio. If you like it, feel free to steal it. I did. […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Scattergories

I went to Lexington yesterday and all in all it was a pretty good day.
Missions accomplished:
1. Take care of some business at the bank - check!
2. Find a particular brand of jigsaw puzzle featuring a photo we haven’t solved yet - check! Well, check-ish. I’d hoped to find 2 or 3 and only found one, […]

Dance to the Music

I’ve seen this music meme thingy on a few blogs lately, including Janet’s and Gypsy’s, plus the Getting to Know You theme on Create a Connection this week is music, so I couldn’t resist playing along.
Here are the rules:
1. Go to the Billboard #1 Hits listings (scroll down and you’ll see them separated by decades […]