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Banned Books Week

September 29 - October 6 is Banned Books Week. No, not a week encouraging the banning of books - a week encouraging people to support and celebrate our freedom to read (and write) what we want and to fight against that right ever being taken away from us.
We should all celebrate the fact that we […]

Let’s Do the Food Walk of Shame

In one of those odd synchronicity sort of things, a couple of days ago the new Self-Portrait Challenge theme was announced and it’s “Food and Me,” a challenge asking us to look at our relationship to food and somehow portray that in photos, while a few days before that, JC tagged me for a food-related […]

A Bunch of Ridiculous Random Questions

I’ve got nothin’ this morning, y’all…nothing at all. So even though I normally try to confine the memes to the weekend, I’m calling this a long weekend and posting this one today. It’s one of those bizarre random question types that I saved from Tiff’s blog about a gazillion years ago…or a few months ago. […]

So far this week in TeeeeVeeeLand

Y’know, y’all, I’m not usually this obsessed with TV, I promise.
I mean, I enjoy watching it. I’m not one of those people who says airily, “oh, I never watch TV, it’s such a waste of time.” It may well be a waste of time, but it’s a waste of time I enjoy, so I freely […]

Lost (T4) and Found (Friendship)

I’m puzzled. And annoyed. (And I know that should’ve been one sentence instead of a sentence and a fragment, but I like it better the wrong way and it’s my blog, dammit.)
I have somehow managed to misplace my nearly-indispensable teeny-tiny tabletop tripod. Gggrrr…
I have a nice, full-sized one that I’ve had for years (since long […]

Self-Portrait Challenge: In the Bathroom, Week 4

It’s the final week of the bathroom theme over at the Self-Portrait Challenge site, and I can’t say I’ll be sorry to get a new theme, as I feel like I’ve been struggling to come up with an interesting idea for this the past couple of weeks.
This past week in particular, I tried a few […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #68

1. A couple of evenings ago, I wandered around our yard, looking for photo ops for future Daily Art Thangs, and as I headed back to the house, I found EvilDemonKittySky looking very decorative, so I had to take his photo.

Isn’t he handsome?
But then he revealed his true nature, and I had to get a […]

So Much for Those Plans!

Remember a couple of days ago I mentioned I was going to go see Stardust this weekend? Yes, well, yesterday I went, or at least I tried, but that didn’t go so well.
I drove the 20 miles to the town that has the closest thing to a “local” cinema around here, I bought my ticket […]