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Since I have pretty much stopped responding to comments lately (bad Deb, no biscuit!) I thought today I’d post a few questions that have been asked there lately and answer them. I’ll warn you, some of these are from ages ago, so those of you who asked may not even care about the answers anymore, but here we go anyway! :-)

—Back at the dawn of time, Paula asked about this photo, “I have those same bottles! but half of them were different colors than you have. Did you buy those in the ’60s?”

Hi Paula! If you bought your bottles in the ’60s, you may know more about my bottles than I do! Tell me more! I was a mere spudling in the ’60s (born in ‘62) and four of those little bottles originally belonged to my mom. When we were going though her things after she died, I claimed them for my colored glass bottle-and-vase collection. Since then, I’ve found a couple more that seem to be from the same line at flea markets or antique shops and picked them up, bringing my count on them up to the six you see in the photo.

—About the time the cavemen figured out the fire thing, Susan asked about this photo, “What is that object featured on the blog for “one” (I think yesterday’s picture). Is it a pendant? Is it a Xmas tree decoration? Is it an earring? Whatnthaheckizzit?”

Hi Susan! It’s a pendant. I now have it on a chain and wore it to work just a couple of days ago! There’s a little art gallery about a half-block from the office and they had an artist’s reception not long ago that happened to start just after I got off work, so I went. The current exhibit included a bead artist. I loved that little pendant (it’s about an inch across) because, depending on which side I looked at, it reminded me of both the planet earth and a fish swimming through the ocean - both things I love! So I bought myself a gift. ;-)

—As the Romans started to spread across the earth like roaches with good building skills, Sara asked these questions (well, two questions and a comment that sort of read like a question, so I’m answering it!):
a) “I have to ask, you know, who kept the babies while you were gone?”
b) “Were the staterooms big?”
c) “I have to say - I look at J and somehow I just never figured him for the cruise type vacation - hiking the mountains, skiing, those types of outdoorsy things YES - but a cruise - never figured it!”

Hi Sara!
a) We leave them here and have a neighbor come and check on them once a day to do things like refill food and water dishes, clean the litterbox, etc. We have pet doors that go from our basement to a fenced area, so the dogs and cats can let themselves in and out of that area. I always hate leaving them here, but we’ve tried various things and they seem less traumatized this way than they do by kenneling them.

b) No, tiny!! You can get bigger ones if you want to pay correspondingly bigger ticket prices, but the basic staterooms are only something like 140 - 170 square feet, depending on the ship. The cabin designs remind me of RV designs - everything there, but very cleverly designed so that there’s virtually no wasted space!

c) Yeah, surprised me too! And there are some parts of cruising that he gets impatient with, but on the whole he really enjoys them. If it’s been a while since our last one, he’ll quite often get cruise fever before I do!

— During a brief, shining moment in the midst of the Dark Ages, Catherine wrote, “How could you possibly have taken only 400 photos?…I don’t think you were trying very hard :-)

Hi Catherine! Hhhmmm….I dunno. I took the photos that called out to me to be taken! :-) The only place I didn’t take as many as I would have liked was St. Maarten. I’ll tell more about why in a few days.

— As the Age of Enlightenment dawned in a blaze of glory, Janet B asked, “Your Lazy Day at Sea photo is cool. Was that a storm rolling in?”

Hi Janet! Not a storm really, although there may have been some rain headed our way. I honestly don’t remember. We ran through a few showers here and there throughout the week (not many, thank goodness, but a few), but no true storms, and I can’t remember if that was one of the days we had showers, or if it was just very cloudy. I know that photo was taken as it was getting pretty close to sunset one afternoon.

—About the time Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation (”love and kisses, Abe”), Julie ZS wrote, “I hope you don’t have frost in May, wouldn’t that wreck the peonies?”

Hi Julie! Dayum, girlfriend, you have a good memory! I’m doing good to remember when stuff blooms around here, never mind in other parts of the country! But yes, you are absolutely right. Our peonies usually bloom around mid-May, so - while they can weather a light to moderate frost - a late freeze would mean no peonies this year. :-(

— Just as women got the vote in the US (Girl Power, Yo!), Carla wrote, “I concur with recommending one of the books on the sidebar- the Southern Living Cookbook, “Easy Weeknight Favorite.” Which ones have you tried?”

Hi Carla! Well, here’s the thing. I’m sort of addicted to cookbooks - absolutely love to look at the pictures and read through the recipes - and I have quite a collection of them. But I very rarely actually cook from them. I tend to treat them more like inspirational picture books than instruction manuals and when the time comes to wander into the kitchen and prepare food, I tend to just kind of do my own thing. :-D Do you have some recipes in there you really love? Because I’d love to hear your recommendations! Tell me in comments and I’ll check them out - although I can almost guarantee I won’t follow the recipe exactly. ;-)

All right, y’all, I think that catches up the questions through modern times (aka yesterday) so we’ll wrap this up.

I wish I could promise to do better about responding to comments, since I love getting them, but I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t great about it even before I went back to work, and now that I am back to work, I can blog or I can answer comments, but I can’t seem to find the time to do both. So I choose blogging. If y’all like it though, I might post these Q & A catch-ups now and then in the future. I had fun answering these! Hope you had fun reading the answers.

Here’s today’s Daily Art Thang. I saw this palm-husk on a beach in Aruba and took the photo because the shape of it reminded me of a heart. Now that I see it in the photo, well… We won’t go into detail. Let’s just say that’s not all it reminds me of. Heh. But anyway, here it is.

palm husk heart

“Palm-Husk Heart” (Clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window.)

8 Responses to “Q & A”

  1. on 17 Feb 2008 at 10:11 am Helen

    hmmm, shades of Georgia O’Keefe…..

  2. on 17 Feb 2008 at 10:49 am jkbees

    I agree with Helen!! At first I thought it was some kind of fabric project you were working on but then I read about it. It’s a cool photo!

    And thanks for putting me in The Age of Enlightenment!! You always make me laugh. :-)

  3. on 17 Feb 2008 at 12:59 pm kristen

    glad to know you also thought it looked vaguely vajayjay like. but yes, i see a heart too.

    and i got great gleeful giggles reading your descriptions of when various people wrote their comments.

  4. on 17 Feb 2008 at 3:05 pm Rebecca in SoCal

    How funny, Helen…I thought (exactly) shades of Judy Chicago!

    Deb, kudos on keeping up the blog even with the new job. It’s a daily “must read” for me.

  5. on 18 Feb 2008 at 5:28 am chiefbiscuit

    I loved the visit and catch up - what a colourful blog!! Esp. the photos of your trip. Just gorgeous. The colours alone are a tonic … the cruise must’ve been quite something. What a good idea to do that in the middle of winter. Then there is the added bonus of your witty, chatty, interesting writing. Thanks Deb!

  6. on 18 Feb 2008 at 9:39 am DebR

    Glad to know you all saw the same thing I did and I’m not just some weirdo perv! LOL!

    (Well, ok, I may be a weirdo perv anyway for all I know, but at least this doesn’t prove it!!) ;-)

  7. on 18 Feb 2008 at 2:03 pm tiff

    I saw the same thing(s). Heh. Gray beard and all.

    I love this post - the historical perspective got me giggling!

  8. on 18 Feb 2008 at 11:04 pm JC

    Deb, you cheeky monkey!