Snow is a Four-Letter Word

I am frustrated.

I am annoyed.

I just checked myself for cabin fever and the thermometer said 106, which I’m pretty sure could cause convulsions, death, or at least extreme whining. (What, you don’t have a cabin fever thermometer?? Shocking! ;-) )

I strongly suspect my plans for the weekend are Snow-on-Toast, aka a big, soggy, non-happening mess. We are SO not amused.

So in the spirit of “it could be worse” here’s a link to a video my friend Deirdre sent me. Enjoy!

Here’s today’s Daily Art Thang:

Cox Building

“Cox Building” (Clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window.)

6 Responses to “Snow is a Four-Letter Word”

  1. on 08 Mar 2008 at 9:43 am Bev in Ohio

    Loved the video!!! We’ve had at least a foot of snow so far and it’s not stopping. I’m working on a king size quilt so have plenty to keep busy. Got enough food (except for veggies) so we’re ok for now. We’ve had a record number of cardinals at the feeder - I counted 12 males in the tree or at the feeder and many females too. Keep spring thoughts; it’ll be here soon, including all the yard work - ugh! Hugs Bev

  2. on 08 Mar 2008 at 11:50 am Judy

    At least you have SEEN snowdrops!!! We are working on the snowiest winter on record, this year. Since November 19, the last time we saw grass, we have had 357 cm., plus what has arrived since yesterday. Today’s fall is just starting. Predictions are 40 to 50 cm total for this storm. (30 cm is about one foot). One stop sign on the route to the main roads is almost covered. Some people are denying the groundhog even woke up this year.

    So I would tell you to stop whining about a little crucnhy stuff, if I could ever stop crying.

    PS The record is 444 cm, including March and April.

  3. on 08 Mar 2008 at 5:54 pm Samantha

    Speaking of snow and dogs and photos, you should come on over and see my two new recent posts. There’s snow (more of it than is healthy), dog in snow (he thinks its heaven), and me in my cat’s eye. Wonder how that would mistranslate? “There’s a snow member (biggerness more than is healthy), member of dog species impacted in daylong snow (thinking in heaven), and me impacted daylong in cat’s meow eye.” Sorry, just brain cramping. You might enjoy the Thriller Thurs entries too. More to come with those.

  4. on 08 Mar 2008 at 7:53 pm Heather

    So how much snow did you all end up with?
    I think we got about five inches, but at least the roads stayed clear here in SE KY.

  5. on 09 Mar 2008 at 3:00 am chiefbiscuit

    At least you are on the right side of the snow now - spring is not far away. I’m sure.

  6. on 09 Mar 2008 at 10:46 pm JC

    It actually snowed here again on Thursday (the same storm that dumped on you all). Very strange for March.