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…Yesterday I spent all day at a Get Motivated seminar in Lexington.
Today, I do not feel particularly motivated.
Today I feel tired, and a bit annoyed with myself because I got caught up in something and signed up for a workshop this weekend that I now have decided I don’t want to go to, so I’m […]

Self-Portrait Challenge: Absurd, week 5

I realize the May theme has now been announced, but I already had the photo taken and the post planned before it was announced, plus I’m posting this in April, so I’m being Absurd one last week. I’ll get Fresh next week.
I don’t really like blue nail polish all that much….or purple, or […]


Good: I got my twice-a-year closet decluttering chore done this weekend!
Bad: My closet still isn’t big enough.
Good: “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” the book, which I finally got around to reading just this weekend. Yes, it’s YA, but I like YA books…some of them, anyway.
Bad(ish): “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” the movie, which […]

It’s All About Attitude

I loved the comments on the cell phone fiasco-rama yesterday! Thank you!
Deirdre wanted to know what kind of phone it is. It’s a red one Nokia 6555, and my service is the one with the little blue and white ball thingy that used to be Cingular but now it’s something else…just a sec, let me […]

In Which I Admit to an Area of Embarrassing Incompetence

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to buying a new cell phone. I’d been using the same one for years and, while it didn’t do much beyond letting me make and receive calls (there’s a concept!) or do very basic text messaging (no predictive text, y’all!), it worked and I was fine […]

Friday Fill-In #69

I’m in a Friday Fill-In sort of mood, so…
1. When I fell in love it made me feel a little panicky at first. I was sure I’d get my heart broken!
2. My heart opens and I come alive when the flowers bloom and it heats up outside!
3. Oh no! The internet […]


The hummingbirds are back in town (or country…whatever!). J saw the first one this morning. Yay!
The asparagus is getting big enough to pick and I cooked up a mess night before last. Yum! and Yay!
Someone gave me a rosebush yesterday. It’s very pretty! Yay!
Today I have a day off and the weather is glorious, which […]

Random Assorted Questions

(Because I’m just in one of those random sort of moods!) I stole borrowed this one from Amy.
1. If you were to attend a costume party tonight, as what or whom would you go?
A slumber party guest - PJs, fuzzy slippers, robe….sounds comfy, right? Maybe I’d just skip the party and actually slumber!
2. What are […]