Come Walk Around the Yard with Me

A week ago, when I posted Some Little Things I Feel Happy About Today, Janet B made the comment, “Sure wish we could see your entire yard….it sounds so pretty with all the flowers blooming.”

I wish I could show you in person, but since I can’t I thought I’d share a few photos. I actually wish I’d taken these a few days earlier because both the peonies and the irises were past their prime by the time I snapped these, but the poppies were spectacular. :-)

Speaking of poppies - digression to Janet S: I’m the wrong person to ask about why poppies do or don’t appear, Janet. I tried for years to grow them at our last house and had no luck whatsoever. None. Then about 3 years ago, someone gave me a packet of poppy seeds and I went out and tossed them into an existing flower bed (and I mean that quite literally - I scratched up the dirt a little, tossed the seeds there and walked away without a second glance!) and at some point they grew and I’ve had poppies ever since. Maybe I tried too hard at the last house!! :-P  End digression.

So come join me on a short walk in my yard!

We’re starting on the front porch, looking down the walkway toward the driveway (although you can’t really see the drive in the pic).

yard 1

The peonies on the right were spectacular a few days before I shot this (remember this photo?), but they looked a bit bedraggled at this point. You can just barely see the poppies at the edge of the house. Now see that flowerbed near the upper left of the photo? Let’s walk toward that.

yard 2

Here everything looks mostly green at the moment, other than a few late peonies, but a few days before, the bridal wreath spirea next to the birdbath was covered in tiny white flowers and there were irises blooming in this bed as well. Next month there will be several different types of daylilies blooming here.

Now look back at the first photo. See that patch of poppies peeking around the edge? We’re going to walk around that end of the house now.

yard 3

I love this photo. (So modest, aren’t I? heh.)  I love how the morning light was hitting the poppies and making them glow. Yep, that’s the patch of poppies that resulted from me literally dumping a free seed packet on top of some dirt and walking away. Go figure.

Also in this same bed (which is on the north side of our house) you can catch a glimpse of some hostas (many of which are the August lily type, which will have fabulously scented blooms in August), a butt-ugly weigelia (sp???) shrub that I think I’m going to pull out of there and replace with something else, and the sad remnants of a once-gorgeous rhododendron that was so damaged by last Spring’s late freeze that I think it’s going to have to come out too. (Its twin is already dead and gone - it didn’t come back at all after the freeze.)

You can also see a cute baby oak tree in the back yard (planted to eventually take the place of a spectacular old maple that went down in a storm a few years ago). And if you look beyond the oak to see those square-ish shapes in the background, those are the raised beds of our veggie garden. To the left and way off in the distance are hayfields and woods.

Let’s continue around the house and back that directions, shall we?

yard 4

And here’s our back yard, taken from the corner of our back deck, looking back toward the barn (which is pretty much hidden by trees in this photo - you might be able to make out a small corner of it if you look closely right in the center of the pic). Here we have roses, a couple more perennial beds, some shade beds off to the right that don’t show in this photo. You can see a little more of the veggie garden and (although you probably can’t tell what’s what) a grape arbor and asparagus bed. And of course more hayfields and woods!

There you go, Janet! A little tour of my yard. Hope you (all of you who stopped by) enjoyed it.

Today’s DAT is a photo of some flowers that were blooming a week or so ago in one of the perennial beds in the back yard.

three irises and a peony

“Three Irises and a Peony” (Actually, there might be four irises there. But three sounds better. So. Whatever, it - as well as the other photos - is clickable if you want to see any of them larger in a new window.)

11 Responses to “Come Walk Around the Yard with Me”

  1. on 07 Jun 2008 at 11:16 am Janet

    Thank you so much for the tour….and it is a beautiful yard. I love the photo of the poppies….they just look happy and bright. But the irises are so gorgeous (and purple!)

  2. on 07 Jun 2008 at 1:52 pm amber

    Wow, it is like a park! How wonderful for you to have so much space. Here in California, you almost have to be a richie rich to have any space around you at all.

    The poppies are super beautiful. I have always loved them, for the bold solid pop of color. But I love the iris as well. Reminds me of my grandpa, who had billions of them in his yard.


  3. on 07 Jun 2008 at 7:09 pm bella

    So pretty - and so roomy! You and J have green hills all around!
    Love your flowers.

  4. on 07 Jun 2008 at 9:58 pm Linda in London

    Absopositively beautiful, all that, dogs and J too. You are a lucky woman.

  5. on 08 Jun 2008 at 1:20 am Alison

    Wow, that’s just lovely. Lucky you!

  6. on 08 Jun 2008 at 4:32 am Laume

    That was lovely - thanks for the tour. And so mowed and organized and not overgrown like my tiny yard. How do you manage that!?

  7. on 08 Jun 2008 at 8:39 am DebR

    Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed it! :-)

    Laume it looks mowed and organized because a) I took those photos right after we mowed the grass (ha!) and b) if I didn’t organize all those plantings into nice big, clearly-recognizable clumps, J would mow them down in a heartbeat!!! So it’s organize ‘em or lose ‘em!!!

  8. on 08 Jun 2008 at 8:58 am Natalya

    beautiful place!

  9. on 08 Jun 2008 at 3:48 pm Lisa

    Thanks for sharing your yard with us. I have really been enjoying your iris pictures lately. Thanks.

  10. on 09 Jun 2008 at 12:22 pm Janet

    You have such a beautiful yard!!!

  11. on 09 Jun 2008 at 2:14 pm Rebecca in SoCal

    Wonderful tour! It’s so lovely and green (now). I agree with Amber about space…northern or southern (urban) areas.

    I was never a big fan of iris (learned from my mother), but I sure am enjoying your pictures of them! So I’m glad you have them. Also, in Tokyo, they have iris gardens they’re very proud of…they get overrun by people when they’re blooming.