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Friday Fill-In #94

As always, my answers are in bold.
1. Follow the yellow brick road.
2. A book (or two, or three…) is something I always take with me on vacation.
3. To achieve your goals, you must be sure of what they are.
4. Item #5 on this list is something I’d like you to know […]

It’s All About the Books

I saw this post a couple of weeks ago over at Life After College (followed a BlogHer link!) and have wanted to do this meme-ish thing but have had trouble finding the time. (What a surprise…ahem.)
I wish I could find more information about the source of this list, but I poked around both websites Amy […]

Haunted How-to….sort of

Thank for the nice comments yesterday, everyone!
Several of you asked how I created the card. I wish I had time to create a full-out tutorial with pics, but I just don’t right now. I’ll try to tell you a little about what I did though. As you could figure, it was made using […]

Just Another Haunted Monday

A few days ago (and no, I’m not going to try to find it and link to it because I don’t have time!) I promised you I’d share with you the artsy-ish thing I was working on last week, so today’s the day.
Some of you who’ve been reading a while might remember that I sometimes […]

When Technology Lets You Down

Ok, it must be admitted, this tale of woe is probably at least partly my own fault.
I’d noticed that my beloved DVR had been acting a little wonky lately, with odd seconds of pixelated or blank spots showing up randomly here and there in recorded shows, like during Lance and Lacey’s Not-Quite-A-Paso-Doble-But-I-Liked-It on Dancing with […]

Friday Fill-In #92

Before I start filling in, I wanted to give any of you who enjoy writing a heads up to check out Wordsmiths Unlimited, where the challenge this month is to write a story inspired by one of my photos. Cool, yes? I’m looking forward to seeing what people I don’t know see when they look […]