Haunted How-to….sort of

Thank for the nice comments yesterday, everyone! :-)

Several of you asked how I created the card. I wish I had time to create a full-out tutorial with pics, but I just don’t right now. I’ll try to tell you a little about what I did though. As you could figure, it was made using Photoshop (actually Photoshop Elements) layers and filters.

On the original bridge photo, the first thing I did was to use the spot healing tool and cloning tool to get rid of any elements I didn’t want, like the flower pot, the tourism sign on the bridge, and the electrical poles.

I looked through some old photos and found some old moon shots and chose a new sky.

I made myself a blank canvas to layer everything on and put the new sky down first. Then I made a copy of the bridge photo to play with (so I’d have one in the original colors to go back to without having to undo a bunch of steps if I needed it) and used filters to remove some of the color and crank up the contrast and give it a blue cast to try and make it look like a brightly moonlit night. Then I used the selection tool to select all the photo except the sky and moved it over to the new canvas where the new sky was waiting.

Finally I needed a ghost. I didn’t have a photo that was suitable, so I did an image search until I found something I thought would work. Unfortunately, she wasn’t a full figure, so I had to use the cloning tool to extend both her head and her skirt. Heh. Then I played with the colors in much the same way I did with the bridge photo, then finally used the selection tool to isolate her, move her over to the new composition, and then used the opacity tool to make her semi-transparent.

That was pretty much it! Signed it, flattened the layers and saved it. :-)

I hope that makes some kind of sense without photos to go along with it. Glad y’all enjoyed the card and the story!

4 Responses to “Haunted How-to….sort of”

  1. on 08 Oct 2008 at 12:37 pm dragonfly

    Total, perfect sense. So cool. I really need Photo Shop. I should have it. Somewhere deep inside I want it. But I don’t, and I probably won’t because I’m sincerely afraid I might never leave the computer again if I did. Heh.

  2. on 08 Oct 2008 at 12:51 pm tiff

    You make it sounds so easy!

    Oh hey - did I tell you that one of your pictures in the October prompt at wordsmiths unlimited (wordsmithsunlimited.blogspot.com)?

    Well, it is, and thanks!

  3. on 09 Oct 2008 at 9:34 am shirley bruner

    thanks….i will have to go play with photoshop now. heehhee

  4. on 11 Oct 2008 at 9:10 pm Catherine

    It’s been a while since I visited and I’m glad I did - love the “haunted” photo you created.