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When Technology Lets You Down

Ok, it must be admitted, this tale of woe is probably at least partly my own fault.
I’d noticed that my beloved DVR had been acting a little wonky lately, with odd seconds of pixelated or blank spots showing up randomly here and there in recorded shows, like during Lance and Lacey’s Not-Quite-A-Paso-Doble-But-I-Liked-It on Dancing with […]


*Brief Blogging Break
The Good news: I’m getting ready to do some fun weekend stuff with J and some other family. Yay!
The Bad news: I spent most of Tuesday night (from midnight until around 5 AM) in the ER with severe abdominal pain and nausea. They think it was probably a gallbladder attack, although that hasn’t […]

Self-Portrait Challenge: Skill, Week 4

I almost skipped participating in the Self-Portrait Challenge this week, not because I don’t still enjoy the challenge (I do!), but because I’ve felt so crappy the past couple of days that I couldn’t manage to get anything done. I don’t just mean photography, photo-editing, and writing, I mean anything. (***More on this at the […]



“Tree” (Clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window)

Something I Am Not Enjoying So Far About June

Mostly I believe in focusing on the positive, but now and then I need a robust whine. So. Something I Am Not Enjoying So Far About June:
Sure, They (you know, those vague, shadowy, know-it-all experts on any old thing….”They“) say cicadas only come out every 17 years, but what They don’t tell you - at […]

Just Call Me Grace

Dateline: Thursday, May 8, around 4:30 PM
The scene: An office, where, toward the end of a very long and uber-busy day, our heroine (that would be me, because it’s my blog and if I can’t be the heroine of my own blog, then what’s the point!) is whizzing between one desk and another on her […]

So this is March, huh?

Today is my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mark!! I wish I could see you!!!
That is the main reason I’ve been so frustrated with the weather this weekend. Not that I would have loved it anyway, since I make no secret of the fact that I am so not a snowbunny! But it was one of […]

Snow is a Four-Letter Word

I am frustrated.
I am annoyed.
I just checked myself for cabin fever and the thermometer said 106, which I’m pretty sure could cause convulsions, death, or at least extreme whining. (What, you don’t have a cabin fever thermometer?? Shocking! )
I strongly suspect my plans for the weekend are Snow-on-Toast, aka a big, soggy, non-happening mess. […]