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Just Another Haunted Monday

A few days ago (and no, I’m not going to try to find it and link to it because I don’t have time!) I promised you I’d share with you the artsy-ish thing I was working on last week, so today’s the day.
Some of you who’ve been reading a while might remember that I sometimes […]

Now and then I still do something art-ish

It doesn’t happen often these days, I’ll admit, aside from photography, but now and then I find myself doing something creative.
Last Autumn our community had the Banner Project, where dozens of people, from small children to senior citizens and anyone in between painted canvas banners with an autumnal theme and they were hung on the […]

Thoughts on Photos

Thank you to everyone who commented on which was their fave on the days I did two-fer DATs. Morven’s comment was the one that really highlighted why I didn’t have a true favorite myself. My favorite would depend on my mood.
I think it’s amazing how much different the feel of a photo can be depending […]

Under the Sea…

…there’s artwork for meeeeeee. (Do you have an earworm stuck in your head now? )
So, a while back I went to an art exhibit opening reception at this gallery. While I was there, a red-haired mermaid called my name. “You neeeeeed me,” she called. “You waaaaaant me. You know I was meant for youuuuuuu.” […]

Friday - YES!

It’s Friday and I don’t have to work today - YES!
I got a full and almost-uninterrupted night’s sleep last night - YES!
I feel reasonably rested and human this morning - YES!
I think I can make time in my busy Friday reading and lounging schedule to resize and upload some more travel pics today - YES!
Meanwhile, […]

Just the DATs, Ma’am.

I got nuttin’ today, y’all. Sorry. But that’s ok, we all need a holday-ish break now and then. So today I’m just posting a Two-fer Daily Art Thang - two versions of the same photo. Have a great Sunday, aka Christmas Eve Eve!

“Red Escape: Take Two”

“Red Escape: Uncolored” (Both clickable if you want […]

Carnivale Mystere

At the end of last week, I got a wonderful bit of Good Mail - the Carnivale Mystere Tarot Deck, a collaborative project I participated in with the Traveler’s H’Art group.
I usually do 2 or 3 swaps a year with this group, and I’m always so pleased with the artwork I get in return. You […]

A Little Halloween in September

Yesterday I spent a humongous chunk of the day working on a card for an art deck I’m working doing with this group. (This is the same group I trade cards with maybe 2 - 3 times a year, including this swap.) You wouldn’t think these little buggers would be so time-consuming, but they are, […]