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Getting To Know You: A Walk on the Spooky Side

I haven’t done the Getting to Know You Questions over at Create a Connection for a while now, because for whatever reason they just haven’t been things I’ve wanted to talk about (although I really appreciate the effort the monthly hosts put into that feature and I read it every week).
But this week the questions […]

Come Out and Play with Me

(…and bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree…”…I used to love to do that little slappy-hand song! :-))
I need to go to Lexington today and I wish a bunch of you could be here too. We could go out for a nice lunch somewhere and then visit Mecca the big shoe store, and […]

Mountaintop Memories

This week over at Create a Connection, Holly is asking questions about nature and our connection to it. Question one, in particular, sparked some memories for me, so I’m just responding to that one. Let me tell you about me and the great outdoors.
What are some of your memories about the “great outdoors?” (games played […]

Birthday Sunday, Happy Funday

(I felt the urge to channel Dr. Seuss in the subject line.)

Today is my li’l sister’s birthday. The collage above is one I did last year, which is kind of cheating I guess, but I still really like those photos!
I hope you have a great day, Sandy! And here’s something to make you smile - […]


(Sorry, channeling vintage Madonna there in the subject line.)
So, this week over at Create a Connection, Melba realized she’d had a little mix-up and didn’t have a Getting to Know You host for July. She asked for some emergency questions and I sent some. So did Holly and she also volunteered to host for the […]

At Least I Still Make Really Good Cornbread

Update on the website thingy: Still in progress, still frustrating, but the help desk people at the new host are working with me to try to make it all better. My actual website - - works fine. If that had been all I was transferring to a new host, it would’ve been over and […]

Blogging’s so Bright I’ve Got to Wear Shades

Over at Create a Connection this week, Charlotte is hosting the Getting to Know You feature and she wants to know more about our blogging habits. So here we go…
When did you begin your first blog and what inspired you to do so?
I started blogging in mid-February of 2005, mostly because my friends Julie and […]

Time Capsule

Yesterday’s post was a bit of a blast from the past (and thank you for the lovely comments on it, y’all!) and today I’m continuing that theme. This month’s host for the Getting to Know You day at Create a Connection is Charlotte and she’s asking us some questions about the past and the future. […]