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Just a Lazy Saturday Sort of Blog Entry

Things are busy at the moment, so I’m giving myself the DebR version of a BlogDayOff, and you know what that means! Yep. It’s Quiz Time, kids! But hey, you always wondered in your heart-of-hearts which muppet I’d be, right? Well after today you’ll know. And I’m sharing a doodle. Life is good.
Real post […]

Now for some Tuesday stuff other than Self-Portraits

1. Blogging 4 Books is now live for May and the topic this month is “cheating” - to be interpreted any way you choose. If you click on the link, it’ll take you to B4B host Joshilyn’s blog and you can read the guidelines and exactly how to enter.
All you wonderful writers out there who […]

Self-Portrait Tuesday: April Fool, Week 4

It’s the final week of the April SPT theme to act silly and foolish in front of the camera. Starting in May, Self-Portrait Tuesday is getting renamed Self-Portrait Challenge (although I might stick with Tuesday, just because I’m like that!) and is moving to a new cyberhome. If you want to know more, look for […]

Oh sure, it looks easy until you try it…

Just a quick reminder - Blogging 4 Books is live for April and you have until midnight your time tomorrow to post an entry and try to win a book. There aren’t a lot of entries so far, so it might be a good time to try. Check it out!
Speaking of books, last night I […]

The non-SP portion of Tuesday

I had some stuff I wanted to show and tell that I didn’t want to mix all in with the whole Self-Portrait Tuesday thing, so I’m breaking up today’s bloggerific posts. (It’s ok, they’ll get over it!)
First of all, Blogging 4 Books is live for April! Yay! So go. Read. Write. […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #11

1. I was going to write at least part of a blog entry last night, but it wasn’t to be. Severe thunderstorms ripped through here like the Furies last night (including a possible tornado that peeled the roof off a community center about 10 miles from here). It wasn’t long before the electricity was gone […]

Non-Self-Portrait Artsy-Fartsy Tuesday Blatherings

How’s THAT for a subject line? HA!
Thanks for all the blogiversary wishes yesterday! I’m glad you’re all stopping by and I especially enjoy it when you take a minute to say “hey”.
Deb asked, “where is that beautiful photo from. is that natural or have you fiddled with it.”
The photo is of a stream on our […]


I decided to make the daily art Thang a separate post from my SPT entry, just because sometimes I do that sort of thing.
I don’t have a really finished piece to share in terms of either fabric stuff or drawing and I didn’t feel like posting another nature photo, so today you get DebDoodles, two […]