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It’s not raining today (yay!) which means I should be outside mowing the grass (bleah!) instead of here at the ‘puter, but I’ll get to it. Eventually. Ahem. FWIW, I already have laundry washing so I can get it out on the line, so I’m making progress on the stuff I couldn’t do Saturday or […]

What is it?

Janet of Fond of Snape (aka SuperCool Blogging Buddy and Photographer Extraordinaire!) has a game on her blog every Wednesday called “What is it Wednesday.” In this game, she posts a photo - usually one of hers, but occasionally one someone else has sent her - and people try to guess (oh come on, you’ve […]

And the Winner is…

After comments closed yesterday on the cookbook giveaway post (and may I just pause a moment and say YAY that I correctly figured out how to set up comments to close automatically after a certain amount of time! yeah, baby!!), it was time to choose a winner.
I know lots of times for these sorts of […]

I’m thankful for…

…the advice you gave me yesterday about this book. Amazon has it marked down to $6.96, so I’m going to get the first one and see what I think, and then based on that I can either go for the rest or give it away when I’m done. Y’all are the best!
…the recipes, memories, and […]

Good News Day

Let’s hope I can get this thing posted. My internet connection is being way flukey this morning - very annoying! Anyway, assuming I can post anything at all, let’s interrupt the Caribbean Adventures again so I can share some Good Stuff, ‘k? ‘k!
Kay Hooper, a writer whose books I really enjoy, was running a contest […]

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

The beautiful and talented Natalya has made my day by giving me a “You Make My Day” award. ::::beam::::
Here’s what the guidelines for this award say:
Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about Blogland! Let them know by posting a comment […]

The Pajama Game

The talented and superfantastic Janet just gave me “The Blog Most Likely to Inspire a Pair of Pyjamas Award.” Thanks, Janet! :::beam:::
Since I must admit that my first reaction was “what in the world does that mean?” (ha!) I did a little digging back, and it turns out that there is a blogger whose screen […]

I met Holli and Faith!

Gotta tell you, blogger meet ups - SO fun!! (Even when the circumstances are less than ideal.)
I know some of you who read RSR read Holli’s blog too, but some of you don’t, so a little background - a couple of days ago, as Holli, Faith, NateNate, and Tom were flying home from a visit […]