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It’s All About Attitude

I loved the comments on the cell phone fiasco-rama yesterday! Thank you!
Deirdre wanted to know what kind of phone it is. It’s a red one Nokia 6555, and my service is the one with the little blue and white ball thingy that used to be Cingular but now it’s something else…just a sec, let me […]

In Which I Admit to an Area of Embarrassing Incompetence

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to buying a new cell phone. I’d been using the same one for years and, while it didn’t do much beyond letting me make and receive calls (there’s a concept!) or do very basic text messaging (no predictive text, y’all!), it worked and I was fine […]

The Cool, The Silly, The Frickin’ Amazing!

November? Huh?? Is it really November already??? Gaaahhhh! Anyway…
I get a little email newsletter thingy from and one of the features in the newsletter is that they highlight weird bizarre interesting new technology. I wanted to share a couple of things that were in this most recent newsletter.
The Cool
This is something I could get […]

Show Me Stuff and I’ll Make a List!

Remember last week when I mentioned Library Thing? Well, y’all, I’m obsessed. I’ve been cataloging books all week. I have nearly 1000 listed and I’m not done yet.
Considering that I’m not a neat freak (<—understatement!), I’m not sure why I get such a kick out of organizing things, but I do. Whether it’s making an […]

Do you like the new throw pillows?

I supposed you’ve noticed by now that I spent a big hunk of yesterday “redecorating” RSR. I hope you like it! Although if you don’t, well…tough, because I do. Heh.
There’s some Stuff I’ve been wanting for my blog for a while now. Chief among them, I’ve wanted a three-column template that still has a wide […]

SPC: Elements, Week 1 (and BlogGate Update)

BlogGate first (SPC-ers who aren’t interested in my ongoing - perhaps resolved?? - blog woes just scroll on down and you’ll see where the SPC stuff starts): I think it’s working again! Someone please, please tell me you can comment so I know I’m right.
After going around in circles with tech support for what…3 or […]