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Well, Alrighty Then

If you recall, it was exactly two weeks ago today that I announced J had brought home a new kitten (aaawwww) who we named Trixie.
It was only a day or two later that we took Trixie to the vet for an exam*, feline leukemia test, and vaccines (please note this fact carefully, because it’s about […]


“I don’t care if this thing is three times as long as my body! I can move it anywhere because I’m a Big Dog!”

“Kids these days. Look at the stuff they get into!”

“Look at me! I did it! I told you I could do it. Yay!”

“Best Friends” (Today’s Daily Art Thang. All the photos are […]

Frustration (balanced by gratuitous cuteness)

Mostly, I really like living way out in the middle of nowhere. Some days I find it frustrating. This is one of those days.
You see, one of the things I did this weekend was to take a look at what sort of clothes I have for our trip in January, including trying on some formalwear […]

Gratuitous Cuteness

I have no time this morning because I’m getting ready to head out the door for an appointment in a few minutes and I should be getting dressed right now instead of blogging. Ahem. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s five or six thousand worth from me.
We were due for a […]

Expect the Unexpected - Again!

Remember this? Well…
Yesterday I went to town to get groceries and run a couple of other errands. I was gone a little while, and J was home alone except for one brief stop at our little local gathering place around lunch time. Yet when I got home, this is what I saw:

Somehow, in the few […]

We’re Making Progress! Yes!!

When Ranger Bob Barker Cordell Walker Richardson (I always bestow multiple names…what can I say?) arrived in our home around seven weeks ago, I had certain goals in mind that needed to be accomplished in order to make him a Good Doggy Citizen of Casa Richardson.
1. Teach him to go up and down stairs by […]

This is How my Mind Wanders on a Holiday Monday Morning

Happy Labor Day to those of you in the US! Happy Monday (or even Tuesday) to those of you elsewhere!
I glanced over toward the fireplace the other day and realized that Ranger had dragged over quite a collection of Stuff (something he really likes to do - he has a packrat gene, for sure!), so […]

Dog Days of August

Isn’t that what they call it when it’s too hot to breathe? Too hot to move. Too hot to think! Bleah. This was the temperature at 7:00 last night on the shady side of our house:

And let’s not even discuss the humidity that makes it like trying to breathe bath water when we walk outside. […]