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Just because it’s been a while

I don’t even know what made me think of this, but remember last summer we played a few rounds of Scattergories? Well, I’m in a game-playin’ kind of mood, so let’s do a 2008 Round, shall we? Yes, let’s!
Instructions: Use the 1st letter of your name as the first letter of the answer to each […]

What is it?

Janet of Fond of Snape (aka SuperCool Blogging Buddy and Photographer Extraordinaire!) has a game on her blog every Wednesday called “What is it Wednesday.” In this game, she posts a photo - usually one of hers, but occasionally one someone else has sent her - and people try to guess (oh come on, you’ve […]

One for me. One for you?

Remember a month or so ago when I told y’all about the barn quilt project? Well, the Fleming County Extension Homemakers Organization - a group that participates in all sorts of community support efforts - is 75 years old this year, and to celebrate they just had a little cookbook published that ties in with […]

8 True Things and 0 Big, Fat Lies

Here we go, y’all! Time to reveal all in the contest I posted last week.
Here’s what I did when I decided to do this contest: I made a list of 8 facts, then I simply chose one and put an “Opposite George” spin on it - turned it upside down and wrote it as if […]

7 True Things and 1 Big, Fat Lie

The lovely Natalya tagged me a few days ago to do that “Seven Random Facts” meme that’s been going around for a while. I’ve actually done that one before, but it’s the kind of thing that’s repeatable if you come up with another bunch of factoids, so I’m taking her up on the challenge.
It’s the […]

And the Birthday Box goes to…

…Trish, who got the most answers correct in the What Would Deb Choose quiz, with a whopping 21 out of 25 correct! Congratulations, Trish!! Email me to give me your snail mail addy, and tell me if you’d rather have a fabric postcard or a print of one of my DATs, and I’ll get your […]

Get a Prezzie if you can correctly guess “What Would Deb Choose?”

On March 15th, it’ll be my birthday and I want to give someone a present to help me celebrate. But y’all know how I love my little games and contests, so if you want to be the person I send a birthday gift to, you’re going to need to win a game called What Would […]

May I Have the Envelope(s) Please

Omigosh, y’all…before we get to the announcement of the winners of the story contest, I just have to say that I SO did not intend to switch to WordPress just yet. I’d had in mind to do it after the first of the year, but I figured I’d sign up for a WP account and […]