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It’s All About the Books

I saw this post a couple of weeks ago over at Life After College (followed a BlogHer link!) and have wanted to do this meme-ish thing but have had trouble finding the time. (What a surprise…ahem.)
I wish I could find more information about the source of this list, but I poked around both websites Amy […]

The Omnivore’s 100

I know I’ve been going meme-crazy lately, but when I saw this one on A Daily Dose of Zen, I couldn’t resist.
Here’s da deal:
1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Optional extra: Post a […]

Know & Tell (not quite) Friday: The Travel Edition

Last night I followed a link to Dawn’s Daily Life, which made me then follow a link to Kicking it in Crazyville (isn’t that sort of link-trail part of the addictive fun of the ‘net!!) and they have a feature called Know & Tell Friday. I loved their questions this week, so even though it’s […]

Turn, turn, turn (the page, that is): Part the Second

All righty, after a couple days break for other things, it’s time to get back to the bookish meme I snagged from Michelle and started here. Ready? OK! (Sorry, cheerleader flashback.)
2. One book you’ve read more than once: There are loads of books I’ve read more than once. Dozens, certainly. Maybe hundreds. But let’s see, […]

Turn, turn, turn (the page, that is): Part the First

Michelle posted a bookish meme a couple of days ago and I’m almost certain it’s one I’ve done before, but I have no idea when, or what my answers were, and I’m too freakin’ lazy incredibly busy to search for it, so I’ve decided to play again on the principle that whatever my answers were […]

Snow White and the 7 Quirks

Amy over at The Calico Cat tagged me a week or so ago for Ye Olde Seven Quirkes Meme. I’ve done that one before, but it’s been a while, so let’s see if I can think of 7 more odd things to share.
However, in blatant disregard of the stated rules, I’m not tagging anyone. You […]

Monday Memery

I first saw this over at Sticking to the Point, then at Public Musings of a Mama, then at Fond of Snape. Now I’m going to play!
Here’s da roooooolz:

type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr search.
using only the first page, choose an image.
copy and paste each of the URL’s […]

Well, I don’t know about “ALL”

There was an “All About You” meme thingy that the lovely Michele posted just before she went on hiatus that I never got around to answering and I think I’m in the mood to answer it today. Onward!
1. You have just been awarded a blue ribbon at a country fair, what did you do to […]