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One for me. One for you?

Remember a month or so ago when I told y’all about the barn quilt project? Well, the Fleming County Extension Homemakers Organization - a group that participates in all sorts of community support efforts - is 75 years old this year, and to celebrate they just had a little cookbook published that ties in with […]


Ok, it’s not really the temperature outside that has my teeth chattering. It’s hovering right at the freezing mark, which is cold, but not generally bone-chilling. However, the wind is howling (and knocking down tree branches right and left), some sort of cold something - rain, sleet, ice, snow, all the above? - keeps filtering […]

Bohemian Tea

Bohemian Tea (or Boho Tea, for short) is an old family favorite, and is not that hard to fix, yet for some reason I hardly ever think of it. We had it when my family all got together for Thanksgiving though (thank you, Sandy, for bringing the ingreediments!…wait, what do you mean it’s “ingredients?” Pppffftt….don’t […]

Happy Friday!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving or, for those of you in other countries, a wonderful Thursday!
We had a lovely day here yesterday (not weather-wise, but family-wise). Everyone arrived safely, the food turned out fine (well, most of it did anyway*),  and we all had a great time. Thank you again to […]

MustGoes #5

1. Thank you for all the turkey advice!!! I’ll respond to comments this weekend (somehow, some way!) but wanted to say a big group thank you here. I knew y’all would come through for me.
I think we’re going to go the route of skipping the whole turkey after all and have two turkey breasts instead, […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #74

1. Thank you so much for all the nice comments you’ve left the past couple of days about NewCat and about my last self-portrait. I’m behind on replies and blog visits (I know….again!…but seriously, y’all, it’s just been One of Those Weeks!), but I hope to catch up soon - on the weekend, if not […]

You Will Meet a Tall, Handsome Blog Post

Yesterday I went to lunch at my favorite local-ish Chinese restaurant, The Golden Dragon. As I was eating, I had a thought that so made me wish I had a camera with me, but naturally this was one of the few times I hadn’t tucked my small camera into my purse. Isn’t that always the […]

Let’s Do the Food Walk of Shame

In one of those odd synchronicity sort of things, a couple of days ago the new Self-Portrait Challenge theme was announced and it’s “Food and Me,” a challenge asking us to look at our relationship to food and somehow portray that in photos, while a few days before that, JC tagged me for a food-related […]