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Hi. Miss me?
I didn’t mean to worry anyone and I apologize if I did. Last weekend (not this past weekend, but the first weekend of the month) I went out of town and literally ran out of time to update ye olde blogge before I went, but fully intended to post something as […]

I miss….

…my mom.
…my sanity. (Sometimes!)
…cheap gas.
…perky boobs.
…friends and family I don’t see or talk to often enough.
…So You Think You Can Dance.
…having a metabolism that would allow me to eat whatever I wanted to.
…summer…and it’s not even really over yet. But every year when Labor Day is past, I feel winter trying to creep up behind […]

Thoughts on Photos

Thank you to everyone who commented on which was their fave on the days I did two-fer DATs. Morven’s comment was the one that really highlighted why I didn’t have a true favorite myself. My favorite would depend on my mood.
I think it’s amazing how much different the feel of a photo can be depending […]

Thoughts on the Rear View

Have you ever noticed that a woman carries herself differently when she feels cute? I have. I know I do it myself. I walk taller, throw my shoulders back, and have more spring in my step when I feel like I’m having a really good hair day or wearing a particularly flattering outfit. This is […]

My Ongoing Effort to be a Helpful Resource to the Pretty Internets

First of all, thank you for the nice comments about the shoes I showed yesterday!! I knew at least a few of you out there would understand!! ::::beam::::
Second of all, this would normally be the day when I’d so a SPC post, but I was serious yesterday when I said I truly don’t even understand […]

The Good, The Bad, The Also Bad, and the Stupidly Fun

1. The Good - We are making progress on the closet project! YAY! Everything is all insulated and ready for drywall and I have a door now - an actual door instead of a rough-cut opening with curtains hanging over it! (Trixter does not consider that an improvement. He loved slinking around behind those curtains.)
Plus […]

Three Things I’ve Learned in the Last Few Days

1. People do a lot of Google searches for the phrase “nude self-portrait.” Really. A lot.
2. Lindt’s 70% Cacao Cherry & Chili chocolate bar is so good it’s probably illegal in some states. I like it. Really. A lot.
3. No matter how pretty brick sidewalks look in a small town historic district, they are not […]


I think I blew a brain cell or two yesterday because today I have nothing - not even time or energy for rambling thoughts or a silly meme-y thing or quiz. Oopsie! So I’m posting a pic and hoping for more from myself tomorrow. Hope to see you then! Peace.

“Are You Tired of […]