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Pretty Talented!

I wish I could find the email to tell you who sent me this link, but I can’t track it down. (Sorry, dear person!) But I thought the video link she sent  (I do remember the person was a she….heh) was really interesting. It’s of an elephant who has been trained to paint a self-portrait. […]

MustGoes #7

No time this morning, y’all, noooooo tiiiiiiiiime!!!! (That would be better if you could actually hear me wailing it instead of reading it, but just use your imagination, ‘k? Thanks! )
So I will try to do better tomorrow, but meanwhile, here’s a couple of things I wanted to mention…
The guesses petered out on my […]

It’s Just Another LinkyLove Monday…

Wish it was Sunday
’cause that’s my fun day….
Oops, I was having an ’80’s flashback for a minute there. I could almost feel my jeans getting tighter, my hair getting bigger, and all my shirts growing gigantic shoulder pads! And BTW, you’re welcome for the earworm.
**Do you love snow? I don’t. It’s pretty, sure, […]

The Cool, The Silly, The Frickin’ Amazing!

November? Huh?? Is it really November already??? Gaaahhhh! Anyway…
I get a little email newsletter thingy from and one of the features in the newsletter is that they highlight weird bizarre interesting new technology. I wanted to share a couple of things that were in this most recent newsletter.
The Cool
This is something I could get […]

Halloween Fun

Every year at about this time, I simply have to share a couple of my favorite online seasonal games for people who haven’t seen them yet. (Or for people who have seen them, but forgotten!)
~~If you want to try your hand at virtual pumpkin-carving, you can do it at this site. Here’s one of the […]

Yet More Linky Love

Yesterday’s post was fun for me (and I hope for you!) so I’m passing on some more linky love today. I have a follow-up to yesterday’s post, an addition of some new stuff.
The Follow-up:
Norm Magnusson, the artist I told you about yesterday, sent me a note with a couple of new links about […]

It’s a Linky Love Friday

The past few days I’ve run across a bunch o’ stuff I thought was interesting, so today I’m going to share the loooooove. As usual here on RSR, these links will each open in their very own, super-duper, extra-special, “I don’t wanna share, Mom!” window.
~~Dove has released the latest video in their Campaign for Real […]

I wonder if brain cells taste better when they’re deep-fried

Having grown up with a bunch of good, old-fashioned southern cooks in my family, I pretty much have a core belief that anything tastes better when it’s breaded and fried. This morning my brain feels fried, if not breaded, hence the sort of existential-yet-bizarre and kind-of-icky subject line. Heh.
I’m slugging down coffee like it’s going […]