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MustGoes #10

1. I still need to take one more photo for the nude-i-licious theme over at the SPC. In fact, need to do it today and, unlike last week, this week there is no inspiration tapping me on the shoulder. Gaaahh!
Oh well, I suppose I’ll figure something out, whether it’s exciting or dull as dirt. If […]

MustGoes #9

Gaaaah, there have been so many storms through here the past few hours and our electricity has been so flaky that I can’t get anything done! It’s so late compared to when I usually post anything that I don’t know who will even stop by, but, here’s a couple of MustGoes.
1. I re-watched Calendar Girls […]


1.  Because of following some links under the BlogHer ad over in the sidebar, I discovered Big Mama’s Fashion Fiesta and got a little lost looking at some of the posts. I think this looks so fun that I may have to do it, although if I’m going to make her official list I’ll have […]

MustGoes #7

No time this morning, y’all, noooooo tiiiiiiiiime!!!! (That would be better if you could actually hear me wailing it instead of reading it, but just use your imagination, ‘k? Thanks! )
So I will try to do better tomorrow, but meanwhile, here’s a couple of things I wanted to mention…
The guesses petered out on my […]

MustGoes #6

I slept lateLateLATE this morning (and OMG, did it ever feel wonderful!) and have just a couple of scattered thoughts to throw at you this morning. Well, maybe three.
1. Check out this story about this house (scroll down to “Sale #2). Don’t you think J should buy that for me for my birthday tomorrow? I […]

MustGoes #5

1. Thank you for all the turkey advice!!! I’ll respond to comments this weekend (somehow, some way!) but wanted to say a big group thank you here. I knew y’all would come through for me.
I think we’re going to go the route of skipping the whole turkey after all and have two turkey breasts instead, […]

MustGoes #4

I’m running way short on time to write today, as I have an appointment in town and I’m thinking it would be good if I did stuff like brush my teeth and put on clothing before I go. Heh. So here’s just a couple of things I want to share.
Ranger discovered luna moths this week.

I […]

MustGoes #3

**I marked over 1300 unread Bloglines entries as “read” last night, wiping the slate clean and starting over. I just had to! I miss seeing everyone when I run short on time to visit blogs, but sometimes Real Life has to come first and that’s the way it’s been this past week. If I missed […]