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Self-Portrait Challenge: What I Wear, week 2

Since I jumped right into the What I Wear Self-Portrait Challenge last week, even though it was technically still October at that point, this makes my second go at showing you my style - or at least what passes for style for a woman who lives most of her life in blue jeans.
But you know, […]

It’s Monday, Right?

(Sometimes I lose track!)
Thank you to those of you who posted the results of your Yankee/Dixie accent test yesterday. It was fun to see who scored what! Of course now I’m curious about which questions some of you skipped.
I had a great time yesterday, not only getting to spend some time with various […]

Last Things

In just a little while, I’m trotting off to Newport on the Levee to meet assorted members of the Fam for lunch and whatever else we get into, so I’m running a little short on time this morning, but I wanted to pop on and say hey. So, Hey!
Here’s another of those Last […]

Two by Two

I got tagged by Diane to do a little email question and answer thingy, but I decided to answer them here instead of via email because I’m a rebel that way. Heh. Also because J is out of town, and I overslept, and my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders yet, as evidenced by the […]

The Things I Remember (or not)

When I log onto WordPress each day, I like to take a quick look at my dashboard. It includes, among other things, search phrases people have used to get here. Yesterday, someone found my blog by searching for “the words to the frito bandito song.” Hey, I know this one! What I’m not at all […]

The Cool, The Silly, The Frickin’ Amazing!

November? Huh?? Is it really November already??? Gaaahhhh! Anyway…
I get a little email newsletter thingy from and one of the features in the newsletter is that they highlight weird bizarre interesting new technology. I wanted to share a couple of things that were in this most recent newsletter.
The Cool
This is something I could get […]