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So You Think You Can Dance: Week 9

This is it. The final week for this season. Sob! Whatever will I look forward to on TV once SYTYCD is over?
Gonna try to keep this brief(ish) this time because I’m short on both time and energy, so let’s get started!
1. Courtney & Twitch dance Hip Hop.  Cute, fun. I thought I saw a little […]

So You Think You Can Dance: Week 8

Before we get to the dancing, gotta say two things.
Thing One - It is a complete travesty that Will got cut last week. Don’t get me wrong, I really like all the remaining guys and wish them nothing but the best. But still. Complete. Travesty.
Thing Two - Only one more week of SYTYCD until it […]

So You Think You Can Dance: Week 7

Can you believe it’s only a couple of weeks until the finale?? Waaahhh!! I’ll miss seeing them dance!!
Ok, on to the latest performance episode.
1a. Courtney & Will dancing Samba. I had my doubts about this pairing, but I have to say they had great chemistry on this dance! It looked fun and sexy and I […]

Calling All Geeks!

I’m soooooooooo late getting anything posted today. Sorry!
First of all, I overslept this morning. Well, technically I suppose I didn’t oversleep because I didn’t have to be up at a particular time, but I slept so much later than usual that it felt like oversleeping. Then, once I was finally up and moving around, I […]

So You Think You Can Dance: Week 6

Well, it’s that week, both dreaded and anticipated by SYTYCD fans everywhere - the week when they start making everyone dance with different partners. It’s always interesting to see which dancers shine and which ones falter when they rip them apart from their original partners and make them dance with someone else. But before we […]

So You Think You Can Dance: Week 5

It was another Two-fer night with the top six couples, so let’s just jump right in, shall we? Yes, let’s!
1a. Chelsie & Mark dancing Salsa. Fun, sexy, made me smile. I liked him in this more than the judges did and agreed with them that she was terrific.
1b….and Broadway. I hated what Chelsie was wearing. […]

Shortcutz Sunday

Last night I finally got around to watching this movie on DVD. It only got so-so reviews, but I quite enjoyed it. It was fluff of course, but fun fluff. BUT….oh yes, my dearies, there is a “but” the size of Lake Michigan (as opposed to a “butt” the size of Lake Michigan, which is […]

So You Think You Can Dance: Week 4

Before we begin, since I snarked about how Cat looked last week, I feel compelled to say that last night I thought she looked very nice. I liked her hair style, her dress was cute (if a bit odd), and her shoes were awesome!
On to the dancing…
1a. Jessica & Will dancing jive. I liked this […]