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Good/Bad: The Smoky Mts. Edition

Since I haven’t said much about my trip except that we went hiking one day…
Good - Getting to see family I don’t see nearly often enough.
Bad - Not getting to see some other family whom I also don’t see often enough.
Good - Doing the wonderfully dorky stuff my family loves, like committing karaoke on each […]

Caribbean Adventure: Part the Sixteenth

Happy Leap Year!
Here’s one last post about my trip. I can’t say you’ve totally heard the end of it after this, because I bet some of the photos I haven’t shown yet will appear as Daily Art Thangs, but we’re in the home stretch.
After we’d wandered around St. Thomas as much as we […]

Caribbean Adventure: Part the Forty-gazillionth (or Fifteenth…whatevah!)

Before we start on more vacation pics and stories, I just have to say to those of you who were coveting our snow yesterday, my dears, if I could package it up and send big, heaping PILES of this s*** to you, I would do it!!!! We got more of this junk yesterday and last […]

Caribbean Adventure: Part the Fourteenth (Zipline, baby!)

When we finally got off the ship on the island of St. Maarten, this is how we got around Philipsburg - water taxi!

Actually, I’d have called them more like “water buses” because each one held bunches of people, but still, they were pretty cool. You could go to any of several water taxi stations around […]

Caribbean Adventure: Part the Thirteenth

And then it was Friday, and we were arriving at the island of St. Maarten. Or St. Martin, if you prefer, but technically we arrived at St. Maarten, because we docked on the Dutch side of the island, rather than the French-owned side and the spelling varies depending on which side of the island you’re […]

Caribbean Adventure: Part the Twelfth

I’m getting to the whole Zipline Thang in St. Maarten before the end of the week, pinky swear, but first let me share just a few photos from our second (and last) at-sea day.
Every morning on board ship, they change these little sections of carpet in all the elevators so that they have the days […]

Caribbean Adventure: Part the Eleventh

With both J and me (and, ok, a few thousand other people too…heh) safely back onboard it was almost time to leave beautiful Curacao (aka The Caribbean by Crayola…my personal nickname for it! ).
Here’s another glimpse of the island from way up high on the ship. You can see the way the harbor heads […]

Caribbean Adventure: Part the Tenth

As we continue with yet more photos of Curacao…
Yes, I know I’m a little obsessed. But really, when have you seen a more photogenic place?? Here’s the Otrobanda waterfront, as seen from the Queen Emma Bridge.

In the sort of light we get here in Kentucky that mix of styles and colors would look garish and […]