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Really? Ya think???

Lord, y’all, I can’t even tell you what fun it is sometimes to see some of what goes on behind the scenes on a blog - CannedMeatProduct comments that get trapped in the filter, search phrases that boggle the mind and yet somehow - somehow! - still lead people here. I wish I could share […]

A Poem About Liking Shoes

I just noticed that yesterday someone stumbled across my blog by doing a search on the phrase “a poem about liking shoes.” Suddenly I feel all inspired, so excuse me while I dump what I was going to talk about it and wax poetical on the fly.
I like shoes.
They’re really cute
with some jeans
or with a […]

Poetry Thursday: Bring in the Humor

That’s the prompt for Poetry Thursday this week - to write a humorous poem or take a favorite joke and turn it into a poem.
At first I couldn’t think of a thing in the world and was just going to share an old favorite Dorothy Parker poem. (Yes, I know hers are often dark, but […]

Poetry Thursday and Photo Thursday: A Duet

I’m hosting the Photo Thursday feature on the Create a Connection site this month and y’all know I almost always participate in Poetry Thursday. Originally I’d thought I would create separate posts for each of them, but then a funny thing happened. When I was editing the photo I planned to use for the Photo […]

Poetry Thursday: Image Inspiration 2 - Go Inside

This week the prompt at the Poetry Thursday site is similar to last week’s prompt - to write a poem inspired by an image. But this week we were asked to take it a step further and to go into the image and describe it as if we were there…as if we were the model […]

Poetry Thursday: Of Poetry, Candles, and Flowers

It’s Poetry Thursday today, but it’s also the 24th anniversary of my 21st birthday! (That’s how my Uncle Harold always counts up his birthdays and I sort of adopted it.) So before we get to a poem, I dug way down deep in the old photo albums to share a glimpse of a time when […]

Poetry Thursday: May I Borrow a Line of Poetry?

I think this is going to be a cool week over at Poetry Thursday. The prompt this time is to revisit one of the very first PT ideas - to use a line of poetry written by one of the other participants as an inspiration for original poetry of our own.
I didn’t do that prompt […]

Poetry Thursday: Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

This week at Poetry Thursday, the prompt is to lie your ass off. Well, ok, there’s a little more to it than that.
You can read about the idea in more detail on the PT blog, but basically the suggestion is to do a creative writing exercise where you list any 10 everyday objects and then […]