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Poetry Thursday (the traveling show version)

Since the official Poetry Thursday site has posted its last prompt (and will disappear altogether in a bit), some of the poets who have been involved are taking turns hosting weekly Cyber Poetry Readings on their blogs, at least for now.
This week, the hostess with the mostess is Delia, so if you want to read […]

Goodbye to Poetry Thursday

If you’ve noticed my Punkymoods icon over to the right, I chose the mood today because I’m already missing Poetry Thursday, even though they aren’t quite gone yet.
Liz and Dana have made the decision to close down the site at the end of the month and move on to other things. I haven’t been as […]

Poetry Thursday: Children Have the Right Idea

Last night, as I was trying to catch up on reading a few blogs before bedtime, I visited my friend kristen’s blog where she had posted a poem by her daughter Irene, written when Irene was 5 1/2 years old. How about if you take a minute to go read it. I’ll wait.
:::::Lalalaaaa lalaaaa lalalaaaa::::::: […]

Let’s hang out with Pablo for a few minutes

I haven’t participated in Poetry Thursday for a few weeks because there have just seemed like there were other things to talk about on Thursdays lately, but this morning I feel like spending a little time with Pablo.
Pablo Neruda, that is. I love his poetry, although I don’t think he’s one of the easier poets […]

Poetry Thursday: Something to Talk About

Last week (when I didn’t participate) the theme for Poetry Thursday was “conversations.” I think that’s a cool idea and at some point may write something original for it, but the stuff percolating through my brain hasn’t gelled into a usable idea just yet.
However, there’s a poem I like a lot that I think fits […]

Poetry Thursday: Bring in the Humor

That’s the prompt for Poetry Thursday this week - to write a humorous poem or take a favorite joke and turn it into a poem.
At first I couldn’t think of a thing in the world and was just going to share an old favorite Dorothy Parker poem. (Yes, I know hers are often dark, but […]

Poetry Thursday: Endurance

I realized almost a week too late that I totally forgot to link to the Poetry Thursday site, or to post my link there last week. Oopsie! For this week I’ve already taken care of that first part. Now let’s see if I can remember the second.
Anyway, I’m still thinking about some of the same […]

Poetry Thursday and Answered Questions

Before I get to a poem for today, I just wanted to mention that several of the people who volunteered to be interviewed by me last week have now posted their responses to the questions I asked, and there’s some wonderful stuff there! If you have some time, check out the interview posts by Amy, […]