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The Clothesline of Quilts

Ok, I’m finally making time to talk a little about the barn quilt project I’ve mentioned a couple of times. I’d really hoped to find a single website that had all sorts of information on the entire nation-wide projected gathered in one place, but there doesn’t appear to be one. (Or if there is, I’m […]

The Cool, The Silly, The Frickin’ Amazing!

November? Huh?? Is it really November already??? Gaaahhhh! Anyway…
I get a little email newsletter thingy from and one of the features in the newsletter is that they highlight weird bizarre interesting new technology. I wanted to share a couple of things that were in this most recent newsletter.
The Cool
This is something I could get […]

Of Quilts and Random Questions

Warning: You might want to sit down because there’s a little dab of quilt content ahead. (gasp!) Yep, that’s right, I haven’t entirely forgotten how to find and work my sewing machine. I’ve only partly forgotten. Heh.
A while back I agreed to do a commission piece for someone who had seen my shoe quilts online […]

Quilts For Change

Friday I drove up to Cincinnati to see the “Quilts for Change” exhibit, (sponsored by the Zonta Club of Cincinnati), with my friend Bev. This is only the second time for this exhibit, the first being in 2004, and I think they’re doing a good job with it. I hope they keep it up!
In fact, […]

Of Flying Dreams and Flippy-Flops (Includes a bit of Quilt Content - yeah, baby!)

First of all, I want to send out big birthday wishes to my friend Bev. Happy Birthday, Bev! Hope it’s great!!
Yesterday, when I posted the poem I wrote based on flying dreams and the song “Born to Fly”, Liz Elayne asked, “do you have these dreams? of flying? that you are flying?”
I do! I don’t […]

Virtual Press Conference Replies: Part Four

Time to continue the RSR Virtual Press Conference with a few more replies. Today I’m focusing on questions from Carol Dean, Deborah, and Angela because they all have to do with art in general or art quilts in particular. In the next week or so I’ll answer questions that pepektheassasin and Michelle had about books […]

Something Quilted This Way Comes

For today’s Daily Art Thang, I want to share a little something I made yesterday just to prove to myself that I do in fact remember both the location and proper operation of my sewing machine, even if I haven’t felt much like using it lately.
Most often when I take photos or do sketches, that’s […]

Fiberart For A Cure Auction Opening Day

I’ll write more tomorrow…er, actually technically I’ll write more later today, but I’m getting ready to get some sleep and just in case I’m late getting back to the ‘puter in the morning I wanted to remind anyone who is interested that the Fibarart For A Cure reverse auction kicks off tomorrow with the “Must […]