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Sunday Quiz Time!

It’s been a while since we did a Sunday Quiz, kids, so what should we find out today?
We’ll here’s one that’s a little different. Have you ever wondered what piercing you’d be if you were a body piercing? Yeah, me neither, but I took the quiz anyway. Here are my results.

Ironically, although I don’t have […]

Oh dear

How many of the 100 most common words in the English language can you think of in 5 minutes? I only came up with 39 of them. How embarrassing.
I’m going to go back to hanging closet shelves now.
Here’s today’s Daily Art Thang.

“Focus 2″ (Clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window.)

Summer Sunday Quiz

This one seemed to me to be just right for the first weekend in August. (Well, at least if you’re in the northern hemisphere. If you’re in the southern hemisphere it may seem a little chilly!)

Chocolate popsicle??? Eeeeuuuuwwww…..nasty! But I can’t argue much with the description.
What flavor popsicle are you? If you find out, let […]

Rantz and Shortcutz

I hate to start with a rant, but it must be said - I am soooooooooo tired of it raining every weekend!!! Even when it doesn’t rain through the week, it’s been raining here on the weekends - you know, when I’m off work…When I’m home and need to mow the grass and do laundry, […]

See, I Told You!!

Remember yesterday, for the Friday Fill-In entry (which I’m not going to link to because, hello!…it was yesterday! Scroll a little, ferpetessake!), I said this:
“If I were a condiment, I would be salsa because it’s colorful and spicy and it’s my favorite.”
Well, check out the results of this quiz:

Ha! I love it when I’m right! […]

Shortcutz Sunday

Last night I finally got around to watching this movie on DVD. It only got so-so reviews, but I quite enjoyed it. It was fluff of course, but fun fluff. BUT….oh yes, my dearies, there is a “but” the size of Lake Michigan (as opposed to a “butt” the size of Lake Michigan, which is […]

Shortcutz: Day Two

More quizzes. Deal with it. Heh.
What flavor shake are you?

I can’t argue with much of that, although I might want to try, being naturally dramatic and all.
What reptile are you?

I almost didn’t take this one because I’m SO not a reptile person, but I must say I found the results….intriguing. Hhhhmmm….
So I’m a […]

Shortcutz: Day One

Y’all, I am SO exhausted right now and feeling so stressed with everything I need to do in the two short days I have before I go back to work, that I decided this weekend was going to be a Quiz Weekend here at RSR….aka Shortcutz blog posts.
I really did think these were […]