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Rantz and Shortcutz

I hate to start with a rant, but it must be said - I am soooooooooo tired of it raining every weekend!!! Even when it doesn’t rain through the week, it’s been raining here on the weekends - you know, when I’m off work…When I’m home and need to mow the grass and do laundry, […]

Caribbean Adventure: Part the First

I will warn you, my dears, this first part of the story isn’t pretty. In fact, this first part will most likely qualify for rant status. But bear with me because it’s quite a story (and good practice for a letter I plan to write to Delta as soon as I can figure out who […]

Is it too much to ask?

This weekend I was a woman on a mission.
This weekend I failed. Or rather I might say that the bra manufacturers of the world failed me. Hmph.
My mission: to find a truly comfortable, yet reasonably nice-looking and flattering travel bra - one that is comfortable to wear for many hours at a time in an […]

A Book Rant

Yes, kids, it’s that time again - time to pull out my ACME Rant-O-Matic and step up on the soap box, because I’m currently finding myself mightily annoyed by the book I’m reading.
The book is this one - supposedly a set of four short stories. The problem is they aren’t really short stories! At least […]

The Day Can Only Get Better…Right? Right???

It’s been an irritating morning so far, so pardon me for a moment while I break out my Rant-o-matic to gripe about a couple of things.
1. First thing this morning, The Cat Formerly Known as Trixie (aka Trixter) jumped onto the bed and started playing Stalk the Humans, which I usually think is cute and […]

You Will Meet a Tall, Handsome Blog Post

Yesterday I went to lunch at my favorite local-ish Chinese restaurant, The Golden Dragon. As I was eating, I had a thought that so made me wish I had a camera with me, but naturally this was one of the few times I hadn’t tucked my small camera into my purse. Isn’t that always the […]