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Oooooh, Pretty!

I want these.
Anyone got an extra $700 or so gathering dust? No?
Me neither.
Guess I’ll just look at the picture and dream.
Here’s today’s DAT:

“Spirea and Black-Eyed Susans” (Clickable if you want to see it larger in a new window.)

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #85

1. I posted a few further hints for the four movies left un-(correctly)-guessed in my latest movie quote round, so if you’re enjoying the game, check them out and see if the hints jog them loose for you.
2. While you’re at it, check out Tammy’s blog - she just posted her movie quote list and […]

A Poem About Liking Shoes

I just noticed that yesterday someone stumbled across my blog by doing a search on the phrase “a poem about liking shoes.” Suddenly I feel all inspired, so excuse me while I dump what I was going to talk about it and wax poetical on the fly.
I like shoes.
They’re really cute
with some jeans
or with a […]

It’s Off to Work I Go: Day Two

Don’t worry, I’m not going to do “It’s Off to Work I Go” posts every day, but I’m still adjusting. So…
Thank you for the well-wishes you posted yesterday! Day One went pretty well, I thought - or at least as well as Day One ever goes on a job, when there are a gazillion things […]

It’s Monday, Right?

(Sometimes I lose track!)
Thank you to those of you who posted the results of your Yankee/Dixie accent test yesterday. It was fun to see who scored what! Of course now I’m curious about which questions some of you skipped.
I had a great time yesterday, not only getting to spend some time with various […]

It’s Fashion-ating

I got this meme from Susannah who also asked to see a photo of what we were wearing 10 years ago. I can’t find a single photo of me from 10 years ago in anything but jeans and a sweater or t-shirt (and not many of those photos) so I’m going to get in the […]

Random Items from the Junk Drawer of my Mind #20

1. Thanks for the comments yesterday, both those of you who let me know your quiz results and those who commented on my B4B entry - the shoe story. For those of you who asked if I got in trouble, I’m sure I did. After all, I blatantly disobeyed my parents to do something I’d […]

B4B: The Magic of Shoes

The theme for this month’s Blogging 4 Books contest is “Magic”. A few months ago I wrote an essay I called “The Magic” and thought perhaps I’d enter that, but on re-reading it after several months I found I wanted to rework it just a bit. So the entry below is the revised version called…
“The […]