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So this is March, huh?

Today is my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mark!! I wish I could see you!!!
That is the main reason I’ve been so frustrated with the weather this weekend. Not that I would have loved it anyway, since I make no secret of the fact that I am so not a snowbunny! But it was one of […]

Proud Auntie

Can you see me beaming from there? You should be able to!
I got a note from my brother a couple of days ago letting me know that my beautiful and talented niece, Amber, is being featured in an art display at a coffee shop near where they live. The owners of the shop liked her […]

A Message to Dad and Merle

Happy Anniversary to you, Dad and Merle!

Dad, if you’re reading this, I’d like to say the card’s in the mail, but that would be a lie. I bought it weeks ago, but sadly, the fact is the card is sitting on my desk, completely ignored until this morning.
You’d think being back to work would make […]

Happy Friday!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving or, for those of you in other countries, a wonderful Thursday!
We had a lovely day here yesterday (not weather-wise, but family-wise). Everyone arrived safely, the food turned out fine (well, most of it did anyway*),  and we all had a great time. Thank you again to […]

It’s Monday, Right?

(Sometimes I lose track!)
Thank you to those of you who posted the results of your Yankee/Dixie accent test yesterday. It was fun to see who scored what! Of course now I’m curious about which questions some of you skipped.
I had a great time yesterday, not only getting to spend some time with various […]

Deep thought? Please, these thoughts don’t even know what Deep means.

I was going to write a book review today, but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow because that sounds like too much thinking for a sunny Sunday in August.
Thinking bad, tree pretty. (Bonus points if you get the one-word-changed pop culture reference from one of my favorite-ever TV series. Double-super-awesome-Bonus points if you can […]

Smokin’ the Smokies: Part the Second

As Sunday rolled around, it was hot and muggy and we all slept late. There was one vote for repeating brunch at the Pancake Pantry but it was vetoed by those of us who wanted to try something different (sorry, Josh!) so we ended up going to someplace new-to-us called Jared’s.
It was a Smoky Mountains […]

Smokin’ the Smokies: Part the First

Before I even start telling you about what we did this past weekend I just want to mention that I’m so far behind on both responding to comments and on Bloglines subscriptions that there is no chance whatsoever that I’ll catch up, so I’m wiping them clean and starting over as of today.
If you’ve left […]