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24" x 41"
Main Entry: cheese·cake
Function: noun
1 : a dessert consisting of a creamy filling usually containing cheese baked in
a pastry or pressed-crumb shell
2 : a photographic display of shapely and scantily clothed female figures

A few years ago, I organized a quilt challenge with a food theme.  This was my
entry --- an attempt at a visual pun.  The Betty Grable-ish cheesecake pin-up
girl is holding a plate of cheesecake and she's surrounded by traditional
Broken Dishes blocks, with broken plates appliqued here and there.
One night, not long after completing
"Cheesecake" I had a bout of insomnia.
Even though I'm generally violently
opposed to Subonnet Sue in all her
various incarnations, somehow at 3 AM
doing a Cheesecake Sue seemed

I've got to admit she still makes me grin.
Bad Sue: Cheesecake II
7.5" x 12"
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